5 Signs That You Have Low Testosterone

Testosterone is both a hormone of courage and recklessness, courage and senseless aggression. But it is our main male hormone, with all its advantages and disadvantages, that makes us who we are. When it is not enough, the body begins to give signals indicating a lack of this important hormone. According to them, you can determine that it is time to contact an endocrinologist.

Constant fatigue

Constant fatigue is one of the first signs of a testosterone deficiency. You may feel that this is just fatigue caused by work, physical activity or any other activity. Laziness appears, I don’t want to do anything other than lying on the couch. Yes, those stereotypical men who spend their weekends in a static position in front of the TV or computer may suffer from low testosterone.

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Decreased libido

Many guys think that since they have no erection problems, there is nothing to worry about, because this is an indicator of high testosterone. But an erection can be stone even with low testosterone, because it is caused by the filling of the cavernous bodies with blood, and not just the hormone. At least at first. A drop in testosterone leads to a decrease in libido, that is, to a decrease in the desire for sex. Gradually, the number of intercourse decreases to one per week, and then to one per month. And after that, after a while, erection failures begin. It becomes increasingly difficult to maintain, and in advanced cases, a drop in testosterone levels can lead to impotence.

Mood and memory deteriorate

Low testosterone levels can cause a man to become depressed for a long time. The mood is destabilized, more and more often a person feels apathy or irritability, becomes more sentimental, tearful. The desire to do something that used to give pleasure disappears, and it seems that no action will bring satisfaction and will not cause positive emotions. In addition, concentration and memory deteriorate. Increasingly, you can notice that you have forgotten something important, it is difficult to concentrate not only on not very pleasant moments, but also on those that previously captured all the attention.

Sports results fall

Testosterone helps build muscle mass. When it’s not enough, even great efforts may not pay off, and muscle growth will not only stop, but even reverse. The man begins to lose weight, becomes more frail. Sports are often advised to raise testosterone levels and accelerate muscle growth. The problem is that with low testosterone, as we wrote earlier, laziness, apathy and depression come. There is no desire to exercise, and even through force it is difficult to force yourself to go to the gym.

Sports results fall

Excess weight appears

Low testosterone levels lead to a slower metabolism. Coupled with reduced physical activity, this leads to an increase in adipose tissue. If in the body, in addition to a lack of testosterone, there is an increased estrogen (female hormone), this leads to the feminization of the male body. Feminine features such as breasts, rounded hips and other signs appear.

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