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A Norwegian company will build a repository of world music in case of apocalypse

Elire Management Group from Norway spoke about plans to build a repository for the world’s most important music: it can be used in the event of the apocalypse. As conceived by the authors, the shelter building, which will be placed on the Svalbard archipelago between the North Pole and Norway, will stand for a thousand years.
According to the Billboard edition, the most important songs of mankind will be stored in the repository. The list of favorites will first include songs by indigenous peoples, and after them, modern songs will be delivered, for which the copyright holders will grant permission. Elire Management Group is currently in talks with several tech companies. Among them, Piql is the company that oversees a similar repository with copies of artifacts such as the Rembrandt paintings and the Vatican Library manuscripts.

The building, which is planned to be prepared for the spring of 2022, will house special digital media that can withstand the electromagnetic pulses that occur after a nuclear explosion. The storage will be placed at a depth of about 300 meters.

The authors of the initiative noted that it is important to preserve the music that influenced the development of culture in the past and continues to influence us now.

It is about preserving music in the future, having archives of the past. It’s not just that – putting something in a box somewhere and keeping it for a thousand years.
– says Alphonse Karabuda, President of the International Council.

The creators of the project added that people will have the opportunity to vote for songs that will go to the archive. However, the details of the voting have not yet been disclosed.

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