Best Running Underwear for Men

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It’s wise to start with the basics if you’re wanting to upgrade your running gear. For this reason, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to compile a list of the top men’s running underwear. A variety of alternatives have been put through the mill and scored according to to fit, support, comfort, moisture wicking, and value. Compared to a regular pair of boxers, hipsters, or briefs, the finest running underwear alternatives provide improved comfort, support, and moisture-wicking properties. There is no definitive answer to what the finest running underwear is because everyone has their preferences when it comes to clothing on the trails.

Some people might rather forgo it altogether, going commando with the support provided by the built-in inners of their shorts or leggings. Others vouch for the advantages of wearing boxers or briefs of superior quality. The items listed below all suit that bill, and you can be confident that wearing them will allow you to complete your exercise or run in comfort. We promise that a few pieces of appropriate performance underwear will be among the finest investments you ever make if you’re training for a marathon in particular, especially if you’ve found yourself prone to chafing in your long runs.

What attributes define the greatest men’s running underwear?

It’s important to think carefully about what you need before reading our selection of the top men’s running underwear. Comfort must be important. Soft materials, few (or flat-locked) seams, and an unrestricted range of motion are things we want to see. Support is crucial, but the amount you require will vary depending on your preferences and the length or intensity of your workout. We like a lot of support during lengthy or high-intensity activities, but too much might be unpleasant.

Finally, it’s good to see textiles that drain moisture away effectively while traversing the kinds of distances that many triathletes accomplish. The best running underwear for guys will feel virtually dry to the touch after usage, which goes a long way in terms of comfort. The aforementioned criteria are likely to be considerably affected by fabric choice. Natural materials like Merino wool are odour-resistant and warm even when wet, but they aren’t well recognized for being robust or having the capacity to drain away moisture.

Best Underwear for Men

Runderwear Men’s Running Boxer Shorts

Men's Running Boxers - Black (3 Pack) | runderwear™ – Runderwear™

This product from Runderwear is excellent. We encountered no chafing because of the fabric’s smooth texture and seamless design, which maximizes comfort. The ability to manage moisture was equally impressive, with sweat being effectively wicked away. Additionally, there are substantial levels of assistance available, ensuring that they are appropriate for both low- and high-intensity workouts. While exercising, silicone leg grippers assist keep them in place while the fabric allows for the complete range of motion.

There was no grand strategy when Runderwear was founded. They were just two extremely dedicated runners who were angry that no one had produced underwear specifically for the running community. They now have a small group of outstanding individuals who have joined their endeavour to assist runners in breaking through boundaries of comfort. They are a David vs. Goliath in the running market and are based in Dorset, England. However, they think they can continue to assist runners all over the world realize their secret advantage by remaining genuine and maintaining focused on doing one thing better than anybody else.

Saxx Kinetic HD

Saxx Underwear Kinetic HD Long Leg Boxer Brief SXLL32 - Saxx Underwear  Boxer Briefs

The Saxx Kinetic HD boxers do have seams, unlike the CMP and Runderwear choices we tested, but they are flat-locked, so we had no pain at all. They impressively removed moisture easy while allowing for a full range of motion. The snug but not constrictive fit provides excellent support when paired with the brand’s iconic BallPark Pouch. If you’ve never heard of the BallPark Pouch, it’s a pocket in the style of a hammock that is intended to hold everything in place. It not only provides support but also lessens chafing and skin-on-skin friction.

Even though there is still not quite as much support as the Runderwear or CXP versions, we found that it was still more than enough to keep us comfortable throughout longer or more intense workouts. Additionally, a variety of designs are accessible, allowing you to find something that appeals to you.

Under Armour Tech Boxerjock

Men's UA Tech™ 3" Boxerjock® – 2-Pack | Under Armour

All the qualities that made previous base layers so amazing are there in the Boxerjock underwear equally as well, if not better than in the comfy, sweat-wicking base layers that Under Armour is known for manufacturing. We’ve been regularly jogging for years while wearing Under Armour’s superb underwear, and we’ve never had even the tiniest chafing or any irritation.

BAM Jersey Bamboo Sports Trunks

Mens Bamboo Jersey Sport Trunks - Xx-Large by Bam Bamboo Clothing | Thread

Sporty underwear is the ideal use for bamboo fabric due to its natural properties, which include being soft against the skin, wicking away perspiration, and resisting odours. Long cut and no riding up during runs or other exercises, these incredibly comfortable pants also lessen the possibility of thigh chafing on prolonged runs.

CrossFly Boxer Pro 7in

Crossfly Men's Underwear IKON X 6" Boxer Shorts 24 Hour Comfort &  Innovative Clever Access. Breathable & Soft. Navy/White, Silver/Charcoal,  Black/Silver, S, M, L, XL : Automotive

These long boxers have a few important characteristics and are made from a soft, breathable fabric. The Cocoon is a pocket that prevents chafing by keeping your private areas apart from your thighs, while the X-Fly is, well, an X-shaped fly that enables quick access when necessary. In our testing, the latter never really proved to be useful – how quickly does access need to be? However, the Coccoon pocket is a welcome feature, and the fabric in general makes the boxers comfy for intense workouts or long runs.

Nike Flex Boxer Briefs

Nike Flex Micro Men's Trunks (3-Pack).

For increased flexibility, Nike created these boxer briefs with “four-way stretch” woven fabric, and its testers felt the effect – they had complete freedom of movement while wearing them for a variety of runs and exercises. Testers reported feeling secure even during higher-impact activities, and there were no complaints about chafing or riding up. We discovered that these pliable boxers are also excellent for everyday use because of their more relaxed fit and appearance.

CXP Core XP Boxer Short

Core XP – CXP

The wide waistband on these undershorts gives them their unique selling point because it adds support to the abdomen, allowing you to exercise harder and longer. Although we can’t say that wearing the pants significantly improved our performance, they are unquestionably cosy for running and strength training.


For comfortability and ease, these brands were sampled based on customer reviews and their fit on the body. You can trust that either one you try would give you the perfect result that you seek.

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