Choosing drinks for your Wedding Gathering

Even though alcohol is not required at every wedding, many couples opt to consume alcohol at their wedding celebration! Many couples choose to have a cocktail at their wedding reception, which is a major part of the celebration. Adding your favourite beverages to your wedding will make it unique, so you should do it for your big day. Many wedding cocktail recipes are available, so you can choose your favourite whether you like the classics or want to try something a little different. One of the most important elements of your wedding is the drink at the reception. Your wedding can be memorable and stylish by choosing drinks that are in harmony with the food. A toast to you!

The venue is important

Is this the great reception hall you’d like to use for your event? The only licence they have is for beer and wine, so sorry, no bourbon for you. Alcohol is not allowed on the premises. In this case, you will have to rethink your plans. Your catering or bartending company can only get a special permit for one night if the ceremony takes place at a venue that does not have a liquor licence. Anything you want can be served.

Be considerate

You need to know who is invited to your wedding, what medium they belong to or what drinks they like. Guests will appreciate it if you consider everyone’s choices by offering a variety of drinks at your wedding. Not everyone likes alcohol, so you should consider cocktails and other fresh juices.

Be Theme-Aware

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To make cocktails themed for your wedding, you might consider matching the cocktails to your wedding theme. Those with a sweet theme, such as those who love sweets or think that love is sweet, should be served sweet drinks.

Drinks can also be chosen to match the main colours of the wedding. If you use berries instead of the usual lime and pineapple, your mojito will pair well with the brightest hues.

After all, you are planning a wedding and want it to look perfect. You’ve adhered to certain styles in terms of everyone’s outfits and important elements like your cake, despite the lack of a theme. It’s also important that your drinks match the theme of your wedding day.

Consider a Good Liquor Store

Try to find a liquor shop that has all the liquor you need. Most liquor shops will also buy back unused bottles at the end of the evening. Prices are usually more reasonable than in venues like the Wedding Factory.

Hopefully, your no-regrets establishment will allow you to bring what liquor shops don’t – usually less common beers or wines. Some people have even been known to make their own wedding beer because they really like it, which is always a great idea.

No Allergens

Although it is unlikely that you have thought about ingredients such as peanuts and milk in your smoothie, it is still important to be aware of any allergies they may cause.

You should be well aware that some of your guests are allergic to pineapple, so make sure they don’t get food with pineapple in it.

Even if you like a certain beverage but are allergic to one or more of its ingredients, it is important to know exactly what it is for, especially if it is a long drink. These items can be posted on your wedding website, but they can also be displayed at the wedding venue.

Excellent Fine Wines

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Some sellers, like the Bottle Club, provide a professional service to assist with wine selection. They have carefully selected each wine based on the estate’s vintage and quality. In doing so, they offer a wide range of values and choices. The event management company will be glad to assist you with any specific requirements, such as a cocktail bar or gin bar.

Which Drinks Can You Have?

  • Vintage champagne cocktails
  • Iced tea
  • Punch Bowl
  • Martinis
  • Mojitos

What is worth thinking about?

  • Would you consider offering a welcome drink to guests who come from far away?
  • Of course, the traditional choice would be to serve champagne at a wedding. However, you can choose from a variety of other options. If hors d’oeuvres are served during the reception, can you enhance their presentation by pairing them with the drinks?
  • If you are having a winter wedding, can you suggest mulled wine, cider and heady hot chocolate, or can you recommend Mojitos or Pimms in the height of summer?
  • Can you say whether you would like to serve red or white wine with your dinner?
  • Can you think of any interesting non-alcoholic drinks to offer non-drinkers?
  • Do you plan to create your own signature cocktail based on your favourite drinks?
  • Could you tell if drinks such as dessert wines, after-dinner liqueurs or espresso martinis are on the menu?

The Best Drinks Seller

Among some of the best drinks sellers, we have the Bottle Club, UK’s most trusted online drinks seller. They were founded in 2014, and up till now, they have made their great name. You can choose from the range of wines and spirits they have handpicked – but it’s entirely up to you to decide what is right for yourself. From good old favourites to the latest tipples that tickle our fancy, they try their best to provide drinks we think are worth our money. It’s not that they shun the unknown, but neither do they overlook tried-and-tested wines that might be a good match.


In all seriousness, a wedding is a special occasion which, if done right, a person only needs once in a lifetime. Choose cocktails that are perfect for you and your partner to celebrate the occasion with your loved ones to make it unforgettable.

Most importantly, make sure you and your partner are happy, so your guests can almost feel how excited you are. And to make your choice of drinks easier, don’t forget p our favourite shop The Bottle Club.

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