How a tennis skirt enters the urban streetwear.

Tennis is back in vogue, and it still started last summer. Back then, girls wore pleated miniskirts, wanting to be like Sailor Moon. This year, preppy style and sports retrospective are back in trend. Cycling shorts, tennis mini-dresses, bright leggings and sweatshirts with prints in the style of the 80s are the must have of the season. And the hero of the occasion, a tennis skirt, must be combined with green and blue items. And with what else, we’ll tell you further …

With a bomber

A voluminous bomber jacket combined with a short skirt is a balance of opposites. The image is attractive and comfortable at the same time. Retro-style word and number stripes will well complement the image and will not use a large number of jewelry. As shoes, you can choose white boots with high soles with lacing, with them the outfit will look more sporty.



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With a sweatshirt

Like a bomber jacket, this oversized gray sweatshirt balances out a miniskirt combination. You can put on a polo under it, and then you get the image of an American student from the series. White sneakers with long socks and an abundance of jewelry will make the outfit unusual and glamorous.



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With leather jacket and oversized shirt

Stylists suggest wearing a tennis skirt with a white oversized shirt. In cloudy weather, on top of such a set, you can wear an elongated leather jacket and ankle boots above the knee. A small handbag to match the outfit and sunglasses are suitable as accessories.



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With a T-shirt or top

A basic T-shirt and a top are indispensable wardrobe items. They can be worn with all wardrobe items and the tennis skirt is no exception. Over the top, you can wear a cardigan with expressive lines and buttons. This will help you create the impression of a delicate and vulnerable nature. The combination with a T-shirt will make your look casual and rude. A roomy bag or a shopper is perfect for such outfits.



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