Updating your closet for the summer

There are less than two weeks until summer begins. The weather is not always nice, but it’s still time to update your closet and buy all the most fashionable and necessary things. The good news is that you only need a few things to spice up your summer closet.

Dress with a floral print

Year after year, this trend remains a major masthead for summer closet. But each season has its quirks. Now at the peak of the popularity of large prints. In this, you can safely go not only to walk around the city but also to take with you on vacation.

Jeans with decor and prints

Say “yes” to experiments with denim. Not only can it be a patchwork (a technique in which different fabrics are sewn together), but also patches, cuts, and even rhinestones. Such jeans will perfectly look with a white t-shirt, shirt, or asymmetrical top.

Light jacket

Meet a summer classic for minimalists and fans of French style – light-colored jackets. Choose any shades from white to light brown. They will perfectly combine with jeans, shorts, skirts, and even bright tops. Such jackets will be ideal for cold summer weather and will look pertinent even in the office.

Colored glasses

They will perfectly look both on the beach with your favorite swimsuit and with an office suit. Bet on bright colors: from pink to yellow.

1990s-inspired corset

Another trend from the 1990s. The ambassadors of this trend were the Hadid sisters and Kendall Jenner. In the past, we did not believe that corsets would ever become an independent closet item and would be intended not only for going out. Now models wear them not only to events but also in everyday life with baggy jeans and white sneakers.

Shirt with prints or patchwork

This season we advise you to diversify your everyday closet with shirts sewn from different fabrics. If you are not ready to plunge into the world of petcock, you can choose a shirt with a bright print. Shortened models are on trend this summer, as well as ties.

Dress or mini skirt

We all miss holidays and parties. If you’re not ready to compete with the disco ball on the dance floor, pastel colors and animalistic print will be a great alternative. In dresses with thin straps, you can not only dance all night long but also go to a romantic dinner, completing the image with a beige jacket.

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