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Everything you need to know about tyre manufacturers

Tyre manufacturers are so diverse that choosing a single set of tyres can take weeks of thought. Every tyre manufacturer’s car tyres have different features. Generally, tyre manufacturers emphasise a certain list of features. The countries of tyre manufacturers are as diverse as the brands of tyre manufacturers. The world’s best tyre manufacturers rank in the top ten on the market.

Tyre manufacturer ranking

Tyre manufacturers are large corporations with their own research centres, thousands of jobs and a constantly evolving range of high-tech products. The World Tire Manufacturers ranking is based on each manufacturer’s market share and car owners’ preferences. If you are interested in a particular model, after reading this article, take a look at the range in the AutoDoc. There you will find all the information you need about the tyre model of your choice.

1. Bridgestone

The Japanese brand Bridgestone has maintained its leadership position since 2007. The manufacturer produces tyres for cars, SUVs, light trucks and commercial vehicles.

The experience of Formula 1 racing cars is applied in the production of tyres. The brand features high quality, drivability and resistance to damage. The tyres have a robust carcass, which is particularly appreciated in bad geographical conditions. In terms of durability, the tyres hold up at a medium level.

2. Michelin

The Michelin Group is the second-largest tyre company in the world. It is a multinational corporation that has taken over many European brands. The company’s list of acquisitions even includes the American concern BF Goodrich.

Michelin tyres have earned their high position due to the high level of driving comfort they offer to users of all levels. The brand uses its tyres in the 24 Hours of Le Mans race, which is held annually in France. Despite its track record of using tyres in endurance races, Michelin cannot boast of durability or a strong carcass. The main problem with this rubber is its tendency to form hernias.

3. Goodyear

Goodyear tyres are unique. Only this European manufacturer offers car owners tyres for all seasons. Goodyear is also a multinational holding company. It comprises several European brands producing passenger cars and truck tyres.

Goodyear tyres are known for their endurance and excellent grip properties. Like everything German, this tyre stands out for its quality craftsmanship and strong sidewalls. The advantages of this brand of tyres include ease of use.

The quality of Goodyear tires largely depends on the manufacturing country. The brand owns factories in the Baltic states and central Europe. European tyres are an example of true Goodyear quality, which cannot be said of the Baltic tyres.

4. Continental

Continental are premium tyres. Not every car owner can afford a set of Continental tyres. But users who have experienced the grip properties of these tyres will compare all other brands with Continental in the future.

The company’s pricing policy has remained unchanged over the years. The rubber does not drop in price, but against the background of widespread price increases, this does not seem to be such a big disadvantage. The list of its strengths includes impeccable quality, impressive traction and a decent level of comfort. Continental does not accept compromises. They build tyres that meet all driver requirements.

5. Pirelli

Pirelli is an Italian tyre corporation. Its core business is the production of tyres for race tracks and public roads. Using its ‘racer’ expertise, the manufacturer produces tyres with impressive handling and stability at high speed.

Unfortunately, in terms of durability, the tyres are inferior to the market leaders. Pirelli tyres are often prone to herniated tyres as a result of an impact. Tyres with Run Flat technology are very much in demand on the European market.

6. Sumitomo

Sumitomo manufactures tyres under the same name and owns the Dunlop brand. The rubber’s manufacturing country is Japan. The company offers its tyres as an alternative to the more expensive market leaders. The rubber has an affordable price and decent grip properties.

7. Hankook

The Korean manufacturer Hankook is known to many car owners. The main emphasis in rubber production is placed on comfort and stability at speed. The company’s pricing policy has enabled its tyres to occupy the medium price segment, which has had a significant impact on the brand’s competitiveness.

8. Yokohama

The Japanese brand Yokohama is one of the oldest in the global tyre industry. Today the brand produces tyres for sports and racing cars, city cars, off-road vehicles, light trucks and trucks. The brand’s advantages include good quality and a wide range of products.

9. Cheng Shin

Cheng Shin Tire is a Taiwanese corporation known for its Maxxis brand. This brand appeared on the European market not long ago and began to actively gain ground. Today it is a widespread brand, revered by car owners, which offers a wide range of products and decent quality. The company’s pricing policy is changing in proportion to the growth in demand. This causes dissatisfaction among car owners.

10. Cooper

Cooper is probably the only American brand that is so widespread. In Europe and the UK, the brand is valued for its endurance, off-road capability and the softness inherent in off-road tyres. The concern produces tyres for cars and SUVs. Cooper is considered a model of quality.

Tyre manufacturers are diverse, but all of them have one goal: to take a large share of the market. For car owners, this means that the tyre’s traction and comfort of use will increase from season to season. Which of the manufacturers featured in the rankings is better for you is a matter of personal choice.

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