10 reasons to go to the mountains in summer

Every time summer comes – the question arises: “Where to go to rest this time?”

Choosing a summer destination and planning your trip is a big challenge. You know time is money. We want to help because we know a summer vacation option that most likely you have not tried yet.

We will tell you why at this time you need to go to mountain resorts and what to do there.

The beauty of summer mountains

You arrive at the airport, take a taxi or other transfer and drive along the road towards the mountain valley. You will be surrounded by scenic views, mountain rivers and waterfalls. Important: there is no sweltering heat in the summer mountains, which can be found on the beach or in coastal cities.


If you are looking for a quieter holiday destination, then the mountains are your option. In summer, there are significantly fewer people here than by the sea. You won’t have to fight with anyone for a place in the sun and stand in huge queues during lunch.

The opportunity to save money

Mountain vacation in summer is inexpensive. It may sound unusual, but it’s true. A hotel room will cost less than in the hot winter season. Cafes and restaurants arrange seasonal offers for visitors. There is everything for every taste and wallet.

  • Wake up in the morning, take the lift to the peak and walk all day.
  • Rent a bike or Nordic walking sticks and walk along the serpentines.
  • Rent a car and go explore the neighboring settlements, look for viewpoints and landscapes.
  • Go for a walk of any difficulty and at any distance. There are a lot of options, and you probably are not going through all of them.
  • On the routes there are specially organized parking lots for camping. Try to take a tent with you on a hike, walk to a picturesque place and spend the night there. We assure you that you will definitely get a new experience.
  • In many mountain resorts in the summer there are amusement parks, swimming pools and master classes.
  • Farms and stables are very developed in the mountains. Locals have learned to use this and arrange horseback riding tours or walks with dogs where it is difficult to walk, or to places that only know locales.

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