Navigating the World of BBQ Purchasing

The quintessential element of a British summer garden is undeniably the barbeque. Be it an intimate family dinner or a lively gathering of friends, BBQs offer an enjoyable and flexible cooking method. The selection of your BBQ hinges on your garden size, the number of guests you anticipate catering to, and the level of convenience you seek from your BBQ.

The Appeal of Gas BBQs

Powered by propane gas, gas BBQs provide a straightforward and handy solution to barbequing. With the absence of charcoal to pre-heat, your cooking can commence immediately upon connecting your gas supply. Gas BBQs come with adjustable heat settings, ensuring your food cooks evenly and thoroughly. They also offer multiple heat options, allowing simultaneous cooking of various foods at diverse temperatures. This adaptability, while making gas BBQs highly versatile, also results in larger, bulkier designs.

Although gas BBQs incur higher running costs due to gas usage, they do simplify the cleanup process.

Charcoal BBQs: The Classic Choice

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Opting for charcoal briquettes and lump wood as fuel, these BBQs are more economical than their gas counterparts. While they require a pre-heat period before cooking can begin and lack heat control after ready, many appreciate the unique experience and aroma of charcoal cooking, hence its continued popularity. These BBQs are lighter and easily transportable, with smaller models that are ideal for beach trips or picnics.

The Smoky Charm of Smoker BBQs

In contrast to gas and charcoal BBQs which cook food directly over the heat source, smoker BBQs slow-cook food by circulating warm air, rendering that coveted smoky flavour found in restaurants and yielding tender, juicy meats. Broadly, there are two smoker BBQ variants:

Vertical Smokers

Here, the grill plates and racks are positioned above the heat source, adjustable in height. This facilitates temperature control during cooking. Owing to their smaller sizes, vertical smokers are more portable.

Horizontal/ Offset Smokers

In these models, the heat source is housed separately, circulating the smoke around the food. These provide more cooking space, although temperature control isn’t as straightforward as in vertical smokers.

The Unique Kamado BBQs

Kamado Joe® | Ceramic Kamado Grill & Smoker - Kamado Joe International


Originating from Japan, Kamado BBQs use wood or coal instead of charcoal. These egg-shaped BBQs employ ceramic grills instead of iron or steel. Temperature control is achieved through adjusting airflow, and both high and low temperatures can be sustained for longer durations. The smoky, barbecued flavour produced by this cooking method is unparalleled by charcoal briquettes or gas. Due to their distinct design, kamado BBQs are pricier than charcoal or gas alternatives.

The Rise of Pizza Ovens

Once exclusively found in Italian restaurants, pizza ovens are becoming a common sight in British gardens. Ranging from small boxes placed atop your BBQ to lavish standalone stone ovens, these inspire the creation of homemade pizzas. Pizza ovens attain high temperatures in an enclosed environment, ensuring your dough cooks evenly and thoroughly. Plus, they enhance your garden’s aesthetics!

Essential BBQ Features

Grill Plates

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Constructed from cast iron or stainless steel, grill plates are where the magic happens. Cast iron provides better heat distribution for even cooking, while stainless steel is simpler to maintain and resists rust.

BBQ Lids

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Opting for a lidded BBQ lets you modulate the grill’s temperature. For gas BBQs, closing the lid traps heat and creates an oven-like environment. With charcoal grills, restricting airflow lowers the temperature and traps smoke for a smoky flavour.

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