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3 sports collections that will keep you cool even in summer

For running, yoga or outdoor fitness.

Fans of intense workouts will appreciate the collections with special cooling technology, yoga lovers – a seamless breathable ruler, fans of outdoor activities – a hypoallergenic novelty made from organic cotton.

Gone are the days when we escaped the heat with handheld mini-fans – and we are very happy about that. Progress does not stand still, and sports brands come up with new developments. We have collected 3 of the most interesting sports collections of this season with cooling technology. So we look at the photos and enjoy the news.

Cooling technology



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By the summer, Under Armor had updated the Project Rock collaboration with Dwayne Jones. The new collection has everything you need for active sports: loose T-shirts, functional shorts, laconic leggings and accessories – in general, everything in the spirit of the Rock. A special technology is used in the line – it removes moisture and cools. In general, almost all new developments in the field of sportswear belong to Under Armor. For example, the brand came up with the UA Iso-Chill technology – it is in the new version of the mask with an antimicrobial microfilter. The design is made of fabric with UPF 50+ protection, which does not heat up – consider that the problem of red ears in the photo is solved. The limit is already on sale – take it and test it before others see it.

Seamless lightweight material



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The summer collection of H&M was released in the increasingly popular outdoor style – a mix of sports and street fashion. All models are made from eco-friendly materials – organic cotton and recycled polyester. Cotton is breathable, while polyester wicks away excess moisture and helps the body stay cool – perfect for training. The clothes are hypoallergenic, which is important when playing sports. We spotted this pair of bike shorts and sleeveless hoodies. The kit is useful even for those who ignore sports. In addition, now the fashion for everything sports has come. You can start with just such a base – the basics of any wardrobe. You can buy a light trench coat with the kit and wear it throughout the day. You won’t have to choose a color for a long time either – the manufacturers have already put everything on the shelves.

Breathable fabric



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This seamless line makes a great wardrobe base. Such things can be mixed with anything: hoodies, joggers, jacket. The set is made of regenerated fiber – an environmentally friendly material. It is made from plastic waste and fishing nets. It does not sound very good, but all this is caught from the ocean by people who are not indifferent to the state of the environment – it is obvious that this is a good deed. The trick to fiber is that it can be endlessly recycled and reused. In fact, this is a synthetic fabric, but you should not be afraid of this. Modern synthetics are harmless and are almost always made with breathable microfibers. Besides the fact that the material is breathable, it does not fade. Plus the fabric is soft, so it adheres well to the body – it feels like a second skin.

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