5 Facts About Dry Brushing

There are daredevils who, in pursuit of perfect skin, are ready to try out the strangest procedures – from bee stings to mesotherapy with their own plasma. If the listed techniques that the stars love are scary, then dry brush massage, recognized by Miranda Kerr, Molly Sims and dozens of other celebrities, inspires confidence. We figure out what its advantages and disadvantages are, and at the same time we tell you how to do it.

It’s very simple

To do a massage, you only need one product: a bristle brush. Some combine the treatment with the application of nourishing oils. However, cosmetologists, including Gary Dickman, are inclined to believe that the skin should be dry during the procedure.


massage dry brush

Massage should start from the ankles, moving from the bottom up and without affecting the areas of the floor with the knees. Then you should move in a circular motion to the hips, abdomen, back, shoulders. The brush can be easily pressed against the skin, but it is important to make sure that the nap does not cause discomfort. The best time to massage is before showering. After water procedures, the action of the brush can be fixed with a moisturizing cream: it will penetrate into the skin faster when it is cleared of dead particles.

If you sweat heavily during the day, rinse quickly to wash off the sweat and dirt. This prevents bacteria from remaining in the brush and affecting the odor of the brush. To keep it always in good condition, wash it every 2 weeks with baby shampoo or liquid hand soap.

This type of massage has existed for thousands of years.

The ancient Egyptians were among the first to do it – they combined massage with products based on wine and sour milk. The enzymes in their composition cleansed the skin.

Later, the technique was adopted by the Greeks, Chinese, and Indians. The first did the massage using not a brush, but a bronze instrument, similar to a curved knife with a blunt blade. The second used loofah washcloths – it helped in stimulating blood flow and lymphatic drainage. Still others took brushes or gloves made of coarse linen.

The modern technique is close to Indian, although the methods listed are similar. All of them helped to cleanse the skin of dead particles, dirt and sweat. Now on the market you can find a variety of brushes: with a long handle or without a holder, round, square, oval. You can take a device of any shape and length: the main thing is that the bristles are made of natural, rough materials that do not scratch the skin.

Do not use massage too often. Some lovers of the procedure note that daily sessions help get rid of the bumps on the thighs. However, dermatologist Janine Downey assures that an average person needs 1-2 massages a week for 10 minutes. Repeating the procedures too often, especially on sensitive skin, can cause abrasions on the legs.

A dry brush is not suitable for damaged skin

Before the massage, look carefully for large moles, wounds and abrasions, peeling, skin infections, ulcers, abscesses on the body. Dermatologist Shilpi Hetarpal advises to cure diseases first and only then start massage: harmful particles can remain on the bristles and lead to relapse. The same goes for areas with warts, moles, or strange irregularities. Do not use the device over them: the bristles can injure delicate areas and increase the risk of infection.

damaged skin

Dr. Hetarpal also advises against using the brush on the face: it is too aggressive for him. Sometimes in stores you can find mini-devices specifically for this area, but they are made from the same materials as large massagers. This means that they will also injure the sensitive skin of the face.

This massage has advantages

It improves blood circulation in the skin, promotes lymphatic drainage, exfoliates dead cells, unclogs pores and makes the body smoother. The effect of the procedure can be seen already after the first session: the treated areas turn slightly red, but at the same time they are delicate to the touch. This suggests that you did the massage correctly. After 3-5 procedures, the skin will become slightly more elastic. If you have a tendency to acne and minor irregularities, you will probably notice how they will gradually disappear.

Moreover, massage does not require any special knowledge. Schemes for treating the body with a brush are freely available, and you can choose the right rhythm by listening to your feelings. For some, a couple of movements on the body are enough, others process a skin area for a minute or longer – it all depends on individual characteristics.

Dry brush massage has contraindications

It should not be done for people with eczema, psoriasis and other chronic diseases that are characterized by flaking. A brush can only worsen the condition of the body. In addition, if you have varicose veins, you should consult your doctor before performing a massage. Although drybrushing – this is the name of the method – can be used for people with this diagnosis, in the advanced stages of the disease, the brush can harm the skin.


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