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5 reasons to try resale platforms for buying and selling branded items

Over the past few years, we have clearly understood that people’s attitudes towards fashion and shopping are gradually changing, an uncontrolled desire to buy everything is becoming bad manners, and conscious consumption is a new philosophy. The resale of things is gradually being introduced into our usual lifestyle: according to statistics, about 40% of consumers aged 18 to 24 make purchases in second-hand shops, second-hand stores, or on resale platforms. And analysts, in turn, argue that this is just the beginning: according to their data, by 2027, a third of our wardrobes will be bought at the resale.

What are resale platforms?

Reseller platforms have the same concept as regular second-hand and second-hand shops – except that only branded items are sold on them. Buyers come to such sites for a variety of reasons: some – taking care of the environment, others – out of a desire to save money, and others – in search of a specific item that cannot be bought in a branded boutique. Simply put, reselling platforms replace both a discount aggregator and a trusted buyer: thanks to them, you no longer have to track sales or risk your money buying things through intermediaries.

What are their advantages?

There is nothing surprising in the growing popularity of resale platforms because this retail area has many advantages. Let’s list the most pleasant and obvious ones.

1. Allow saving

Reluctance to overpay is one of the main reasons for the growth of the secondary market, especially in the luxury segment. Branded bags, jewelry, and footwear are in the greatest demand on reselling platforms: at large venues, you can find Chanel, Dior, and Celine bags, Cartier, Tiffany & Co, and Chopard jewelry or iconic Manolo Blahnik shoes much cheaper than in boutiques.

Well, those who are not ready to buy used items will definitely be pleased with the presence of completely new clothes, shoes, and accessories on the resale platforms – sometimes even with tags, untouched packaging, and purchase receipts. Thus, sellers free the wardrobe from unnecessary gifts (I bet you also found yourself in such a situation!) Or things bought without trying on that did not fit in size or style.

2. Making shopping more sustainable

The environmental damage caused by the fashion industry has been known for a long time. According to UN statistics, this sector of light industry pollutes the atmosphere more than all the planes and ships in the world combined in a year; spends a huge amount of water on the production of fabrics; uses toxic chemicals to dye man-made fibers, and dumps tons of waste into the ocean. And that’s just the beginning of the list. Multiply this by the constant change of trends, which forces us to buy more and more often, and you will understand that perhaps the only way to postpone the environmental crisis is not just to reduce the number of purchased items, but to give them a second life.

3. Provide an opportunity to find unique things

On resale platforms you can find clothes, shoes, and accessories from limited collections; rare designer collabs, and items that have long been sold out. In the era of fast fashion, such finds become especially valuable: going out and being sure that you will definitely not meet ten girls in the same shoes or with the same bag as yours is a separate kind of pleasure.

4. Guarantee the originality of goods

The quality of fakes is growing every year, and in order to distinguish the super fake from the original, it will take a lot of effort. Resale platforms will save your nerves: keeping track of the origin of goods is the direct responsibility of the site moderators.

5. Give an opportunity to earn

On resale platforms, you can not only buy branded items at great discounts but also sell your own. Each site offers its own conditions to sellers.

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