6 reasons why you should go out more often

The pandemic has changed the lifestyles of millions of people. While a small number of people used to work remotely, usually programmers, web designers, and copywriters, today you can easily see engineers and scientists working from home. And before the pandemic, we went out less and less, and since the pandemic we have barricaded ourselves in our apartments, going out only to work or to the grocery store. This is not good, because we need fresh air, sunshine, and freedom. Even if you’re a recluse in life, you should go outside more often, and only for the following reasons.

1. Outside you recharge yourself with vitamin D and boost your immune system

Vitamin D is synthesized by the body through exposure to sunlight and also comes into the body with food. Walking around on a clear, sunny day is like recharging your battery. Vitamin D is essential for normal skeletal, circulatory, and immune function, helps the body absorb micronutrients such as calcium and phosphorus and generally improves well-being. You don’t have to walk around for hours; a 15-minute walk on a clear summer day or about half an hour on a winter day is enough to get enough of this vitamin. In addition to vitamin D, organic substances released into the air by many plants strengthen the immune system. So it’s best to take walks in parks or where there are as many green spaces as possible.

2. Walking reduces stress

Sitting at home at the computer can make you feel overwhelmed as your brain adapts to its surroundings and starts to “bore”. At such times, you begin to dig into yourself more often, negative thoughts come into your head, anxiety, anger, and stress arise. All this happens, including because of a sedentary lifestyle. That is why we should go out on the street more often at least for a short walk. Sunshine, in addition to allowing our body to synthesize vitamin D, helps maintain serotonin levels, the hormone of joy, which makes you more energetic, gives a taste for life, allows you to be calm, rational, and at the same time in a positive mood. In addition, vitamin D and serotonin will help you feel better about yourself, as your self-esteem will rise when the effects of stress subside.

3. The street provokes you to exercise

The very act of taking a quiet walk is a great exercise that gets your blood flowing and clears up congestion. Why do you need a subscription to the gym, where you only use a treadmill and a Swedish wall, when you can run outside with greater efficiency and fresh air, and do stretching on the machines installed on the playgrounds for free. Believe, exercising outside is much more fun than going to the gym, especially if there’s a park or square near your house.

4. The street helps to socialize

If you’re a recluse and hardly communicate with family and friends, or colleagues, a walk will help you at least a little to blend into society. It’s especially good to go for a walk with someone you like to talk to. You won’t notice how you’ve walked several kilometers, communicating on common topics. In addition, playing sports with someone else is much more interesting, because then there is a competitive spirit. Believe, being in a community, even for a recluse, is very important because we, by nature, social creatures, and without communication with the like, gradually begin to degrade and more and more sink into depression.

5. Walking will improve your sleep

Without fresh air, especially in winter, when the radiators dry out everything around you, a night of healthy sleep is impossible. Walking outdoors helps you adjust your sleep cycle, making it more accurate. It’s not just all about the flow of oxygen, it’s also about getting enough light to your eyes. When there isn’t enough light, the rhythm of the day gets disrupted, because the body thinks it’s dusk and begins to prepare for sleep by releasing the hormone melatonin. In this case, the person feels tired, he is haunted by constant sleepiness. By going outside for at least an hour, you let your body know that it is too early for sleep, and you need to stop secreting melatonin. By taking regular walks outdoors during the day, you’ll feel more awake and you’ll sleep more soundly.

6. Walking helps you lose weight

As we said above, the outdoors provokes you to exercise and other physical activities. These, in turn, help you burn calories efficiently. So it is worth walking at least half an hour a day already in order to lose extra pounds. By the way, weight loss is affected not only by physical activity but also by saturating the body with vitamin D and serotonin, which helps to adjust the cycle of the day. These substances improve the quality of sleep, thus reducing the level of stress hormones, which in large quantities contribute to increased production of the hunger hormone ghrelin and reduce the synthesis of the appetite suppressant hormone leptin.

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