A few tips for those who love active vacation at sea

Usually, people go to the sea to sunbathe, relax, and swim. Undoubtedly, it is a pleasant pastime and many people relax that way. But the day at the beach can be spent in other ways: playing games, reading, exploring the depths of the sea, take fun photos. Here are a few ideas for those looking for an active holiday.


Every city by the sea has a water park. Most are close to the sea, so you don’t have to travel far. A water park has everything you need for a holiday with children.


After the water park, you can spend a relaxing day outdoors by the sea. For a picnic, choose a secluded spot in the shade. Children can enjoy active games, swimming and kite flying.

A boat trip

A seaside holiday isn’t complete without at least one boat trip. You can take an excursion along the coast.

The Amusement Park

You can end your holiday by the sea at an amusement park. Ride the roller coaster and hammer and take pictures on the chain carousel.

These days, large hotel chains are building their entertainment facilities for guests right on the hotel premises. Xcaret, for instance, is famous for its variety of parks. They have large water parks, rope parks, yacht tours to neighbouring islands and the most beautiful places in Mexico.

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