A Newbie’s Guide To Choose The First Watch


It is essential for your first purchase of a high-level watch to be exciting and meaningful. However, we also understand that it can be a daunting proposition for those who have never handled it. It is essential to consider the purchase of a premium watch carefully, as it is a significant investment. We are not just talking about something to use daily or replace after it wears out. Premium watches are exciting to purchase for the first time. It’s so interesting to discover how watches work, how they are made, how they are crafted, and how they work. These watches are the products of centuries of mechanical and artistic achievements; the craftsmanship and mechanics are truly outstanding. As you learn about fine watches, you will more likely appreciate their many moving parts and become a true connoisseur. We’ve created a premium watch buying guide to help you make an informed decision. We provide everything you need to know, from what to think about before you even enter the boutique to how to take care of your premium watch for generations to come.

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Watches: why do you want one?

Premium watches are desirable for different reasons. Focus your search right away by identifying your situation and motivation.

What type of watch do you want? Do you want something elegant or something simple but long-lasting? Many great options are available to you, and you aren’t limited to only prestigious brand names. Despite your efforts, you’re still not very close to narrowing down your choices. Consider other factors like price, style, and features, and determine if any of the following apply to you. Men wear it overtly to express their persona, yet it is one of the few socially acceptable accessories. Regardless of its role in women’s jewellery or fashion ensembles, it is no less an expression of their persona and requires equally careful coordination. Many premium watches can be considered art if worn by someone who likes how they look. Some people find engineering complicated inside mechanics exciting. Here are several considerations you must consider while buying your first luxury watch.


Determining your premium watch brand early on is a great way to simplify the process. By narrowing down your options so that you can select the perfect watch, you will have considerably fewer options. It is a good idea to limit it to no more than two or three brands at the most. Taking advantage of that strategy will make the process much more manageable from the very beginning.

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Composition of the band

Leather straps are the most popular among the many kinds of belts available for watches. As many people know, grace has its place, but with time, it wears off, and grace is no longer noticeable. In summer, sweat can damage leather straps, so if you want to wear them in the heat, you should replace the leather strap with a nylon one.

Metal straps, however, always give your business attire a sophisticated and robust appearance. On every occasion, it complements the masculine wrist and helps you stand out.


Waterproof watches cannot be honestly guaranteed in this world. Water-resistant watches do not necessarily mean they are waterproof under 100 meters of water. It would help if you did not think water resistance means what it does.

Experiments are conducted in laboratories to test water resistance. Trying static water pressure and setting it in 10cm of water for one hour is comparable to these tests. In real life, there is no real possibility of a watch coming into contact with static water pressure. A diving or shower experience will always be in motion.


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A watch dial is the focal point of the watch, often referred to as the watch face. Through moving hands, hour, minute, and sometimes second markers around the edge of the dial, the transparent crystal protects the plate beneath to display the time.

This is where the designer can get creative and display a particular style of watch, where a watch’s personality can shine. Hour markers are often shown as Roman numerals on some watches, while stick indices are used on others. In addition to hand or machine decorations, dials can carry decorative patterns such as “guilloché.”

Watch Styles

Your first premium timepiece should reflect how you want to wear it. They come in a variety of styles. In most cases, will it be worn in a formal environment? Are you attracted to the sportier look? Would you be able to wear it every day at work? Is that something you would like to do? You can wear a luxury timepiece designed specifically for your hobby if you want to show interest in it.


Undoubtedly, this is one of the most important questions you can ask yourself. Ultimately, the type of watch you can afford will be determined by your budget. You can narrow down your options and choose watches you can afford if you define your budget early on. A high price tag is associated with premium watches since they are luxury items. Researching which brands fit into your budget can be done once you know your budget. It is not uncommon for luxury watches to be costly. As far as the price of luxury watches is concerned, there is no established definition. It has been argued, however, that luxury watches start at 1000 dollars. Several people believe that the price of a luxury watch starts at around 500 dollars.

In any case, premium watches can go for as little as a few hundred dollars or as much as several hundred thousand dollars. It will help you narrow down your options if you know how much you are willing to spend.

You must set reasonable expectations when it comes to your budget. Accordingly, premium watches’ quality, finish, and prestige vary greatly based on their prices. By placing your budget, you can define what specifications and performance you should expect.

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Knowing the roles of premium watches above, you should be able to understand what goes into building an impressive premium watch. Watches need to be worn with status and personality. Be suitable for your watches by keeping them safe and investing in them accordingly.

A watch may change the way people view you and your personality. When your watch gets praised on unexpected and expected occasions, it is always a sweet feeling. It is a possibility worth a lot more than you anticipated.

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