About sports equipment for the home gym.

Examples of kitchen, bedroom, or nursery interiors can also be found on the web – the home gym is much more complicated. It is almost impossible for a non-professional to choose the right equipment, so you need advice from a professional, who can help you draw up a training program and tell you what kind of equipment you need. The advice of a designer can also help plan the layout of the room and prevent it from becoming an equipment storage room.

Pros and cons of the home gym

On the one hand, having exercise equipment at home is a good investment. You don’t have to renew your membership to a fitness club and you don’t have to spend time traveling. There are no distracting conversations, and you don’t have to choose your time and wait for a machine to become available. For many, it is also a way to cope with shyness – strangers are not looking at you, you can try new techniques and not worry about your not enough athletic parameters.

There is also a downside: home training is easier to skip because of low motivation. Exercise equipment you have already bought is not going anywhere, unlike a subscription, which is time-limited. A trainer in a fitness club is a good mentor and support. If necessary, he will give advice, adjust your training programme and supervise the correct execution of exercises. At home, it will be difficult to work with weights – you need a safety net.

Choosing the room

A room, or part of a room, devoted to a gym should be at least 8 square metres in size. Such an area will accommodate an exercise bike, a treadmill and a climbing wall. Much depends on the training programme chosen and the list of equipment needed. Someone needs serious cardio machines, and someone will limit fitness to video programs – then a mat, jump rope and dumbbells will be enough. In this case, the home gym can be mobile: after training, all the necessary attributes are simply stowed in a cupboard.

Types of fitness equipment

Generally, the functionality of an exercise machine is aimed at specific muscle groups, tasks and goals. A shop assistant or, better yet, a fitness instructor can help you decide on the right model. Depending on the purpose of sports equipment can be divided into two groups:

Cardio machines. Needed for endurance and cardiovascular training. These include: treadmill, cycling, rowing and elliptical trainers, stepper. Modern models allow you to monitor your heart rate, calorie expenditure and speed of the athlete.

Strength-training machines. They work on problem areas and build muscle mass. Professional athletes prefer track and delta machines, lever-pulling machines and “Smith machine” with a counterbalance. For the most part, exercisers in this group are noisy and take up a lot of space.

Important details

As well as machines, your home gym should have space for gym accessories such as mats, medicine balls, weights, floor weights and towel racks. Separate spaces should be set aside for smaller items such as mats, dumbbells, jump ropes or elastic bands. A large full-length mirror on the wall to monitor your progress and space for speakers or a music player should also be provided.

It is important for the room where you will be working out to be well ventilated. A large heated loggia, for example, would work well for fitness.

Top 9 items for the home gym

The most common home fitness equipment used in the home gym is:

Exercisers are better to choose well-known brands, they have a longer warranty, they are of higher quality, but this, of course, will cost a decent amount. It is also important to choose the best shop where to buy all the necessary equipment. We recommend checking out Oncros UK for the best prices to date and the best service and support for any burning questions.

One good multi-purpose machine costs the same as a year’s subscription to a club. But if you are motivated, you can always start small: you can buy some dumbbells, an adjustable bench, shock absorbers, and a mat.

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