Best Coal Suppliers In 2022

Many people feel they cannot burn wood in smokeless zones because it is not expressly mentioned as a smokeless fuel. However, excellent quality, dry wood may be utilized safely by utilizing a DEFRA-certified stove (also known as exempt equipment). Nowadays, a lot of us have multi-fuel contemporary stoves installed in our houses. The term “Multi-fuel” denotes the ability of these appliances to burn a variety of fuels, such as wood, coal, or smokeless fuel. This is correct, however burning more than one kind of fuel at once is never a good idea.

Burn only dry firewood if you want to limit the amount of smoke your fire produces. We advise using kiln-dried wood. All firewood has moisture to some extent, and that is fine. However, if the wood is very wet, burning it will result in more smoke. These kinds of products are supplied by a number of businesses, which we will explore in a moment.


Homefire Range | Homefire previously Logs2U

With over 40 locations covering 95% of the UK, Homefire is the nation’s top manufacturer and seller of smokeless fuel and kiln-dried firewood, placing sustainable warmth and comfort at the center of your home. For your appliance, you may be guaranteed to obtain high-quality, low-smoke gasoline. Existing clients praise their excellent service delivery. We can see the many favorable testimonials they have received from clients over the years.

With their products, you may enjoy the taste of real barbecue thanks to the premium lump wood charcoal. Each charcoal is distinguished by its own special characteristics, which are:

It is ethically made, it lights easily, it has a very high heat output and it is very easy to store. 

They provide in a conventional manner. Exactly where you need it, bagged coal and firewood (up to 50 kg) are supplied. even by the campfire or at your fuel store. Bulk bags, pallets, and boxes for orders weighing more than 50 kg be delivered as near as feasible to your desired location, which may be the kerbside. Furthermore, orders will be delivered free of charge for purchases over £50 made in England and Wales.

Swift Solid Fuel

Swift Solid Fuels was founded in 2013 in response to the growing desire for an alternative fuel source to heat homes and the realization that multi-fuel stoves and traditional open fires were becoming more and more popular as household fuel costs continued to rise. Owner Neil MacLellan, a certified tree surgeon, managed the two companies concurrently for more than 20 years while also operating the profitable landscaping company NM Landscaping, which naturally saw a decline in the winter. Neil made the choice to discontinue NM Landscaping and concentrate his energies on the solid fuel company when Swift Solid Fuels became successful.

All coal goods from Swift Solid Fuels are brought to your door in spotless 25kg bags, with the company’s goal being to offer a quick, contemporary service. For your convenience, payments by cash or credit card are allowed, and delivery can be scheduled at no additional cost for a mutually convenient time. Being headquartered close to Lutterworth, they provide delivery to nearby farms, pubs, towpaths, and the counties of Leicestershire, Rugby, Market Harborough, and Northamptonshire.

Swift Solid Fuels offers flexibility with no minimum order, so even if you only want a single bag for Christmas Day, this can be accomplished. Gone are the days of the unclean coalman and lorry with its predetermined delivery route. Additionally, there are quality kiln-dried logs, seasoned hardwood logs, kindling, and firelighters available. Swift Solid Fuels is able to provide guidance on a variety of home fuel products and also has a solid understanding of appliances and the best fuel for different demands.


Topsoil For Sale

For many years, Logs Direct has been sourcing and producing high-quality kiln-dried logs from various areas. Building a wooden box to hold logs hasn’t been an issue because many of our crates for kiln-dried wood come from Europe, where firewood has historically been valued significantly lower. The cost of wood has increased significantly in Europe compared to the UK in recent years, making it unnecessary to purchase this product outside.

Large bulk bags, which can be easily filled and transported to your property on a pallet instead of wooden crates, are being used. When you’re finished with it, you can recycle the bags by taking them to a recycling point or using their return address to ensure that the bags will be recycled and used again.

They fervently believe in the goods they have produced and distributed throughout the UK, goods like large billets for open fires, small 20cm logs for small stoves, smokeless fuels to keep the fires burning longer, and some of them even use wood pellets for their biomass boilers. The fuel they sell is the fuel used in homes. In addition, the team’s younger members are now using their 10 kilogram bags of wood pellets in their little pizza ovens.

KG Smith & Son (Coal Merchants UK)

KG Smith and Son | Hobbyweld Rent Free Gas in Northampton

You should take full advantage of the pleasure of having a fireplace in your house, and to do that, you will need a supply of premium coal. Customers may get household coal delivery, heating fuels, firewood logs, and smokeless fuels from KG Smith & Son (Coal Merchants UK).

KG Smith & Son (Coal Merchants UK), which serves clients in Northampton, Cambridge, and London, has spent years assisting customers in getting the most out of their fireplaces. The authenticity, warmth, and ambience that a genuine fire offers cannot be matched by any of the many attractive and practical alternatives to utilizing a coal fire. They are happy to provide smokeless coals in addition to standard coal, which gives the same level of quality and performance but is more durable, produces heat more consistently, and are considerably more affordable.


We advise you to try HomeFire or any other brand on our list if you’re wanting to get some seasoned hardwood, kiln-dried firewood, fire logs, house coal, anthracite, or kindling immediately. Customers have benefited from a variety of free services provided by the companies on this list. Your logs are protected from the elements during the whole delivery process to guarantee that they arrive in the best possible shape. When feasible, they are then carried to your garden where they will be piled and kept while remaining covered.

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