Bumper options fro Jeep owners

A good bumper can help with your off-road activities, the main function of bumpers is to protect your Wrangler in the event of a collision. The easiest way to modify your Wrangler to suit your needs is to replace the front and rear bumpers.

Jeep drivers love having a variety of bumper options. These are alternatives that are available in terms of both their functionality and the overall design of the vehicle. Numerous types of Jeep bumpers come in different sizes and shapes, and they are all produced by different manufacturers.

There is no better option to start upgrading your Jeep than an off-road bumper, whether you want to outfit it as an off-road warrior or just give it a proper look. The chiselled, faceted design of one of the bumpers available in OEDRO exudes toughness, while the bevelled edges are angled upwards at the corners to provide the clearance necessary for your tyres to grip the relentless off-roading. OEDRO Rear Bumper Compatible with 2018-2022 Jeep Wrangler JL & Unlimited JLU (2/4 Doors), Rock Crawler Full Width Bumper with Hitch Receiver & 2 x D-Rings : Everything Else

Jeep bumper materials

The engine, gearbox, and other vital parts of your Jeep Wrangler are kept up front. Due to this, the front bumper is typically strengthened more than the rear one. However, rear bumpers are still useful, especially if you want to tow with your Wrangler. Plastic bumpers are standard on most Jeeps produced after 2007, however, steel bumper upgrades have been offered for a few years and packages. 

However, the majority of Jeep owners decide to purchase aftermarket bumper upgrades. Bumpers from aftermarket manufacturers might offer more security. Additionally, they can enhance the Wrangler’s already remarkable off-road ability. If you want to install off-roading necessities like winches, you must upgrade your bumper.

Choosing a non-plastic bumper is one incentive to improve yours. Depending on the usage, several bumper materials may be advantageous. The durability of a bumper will vary depending on the material used to make it. Very varied looks are produced by using various materials and powder coats. This implies that it’s important to think about your entire “appearance” from the very beginning. Since there are many alternatives, a material should exist for every possible combination of use and aesthetic.

Bumper types for Jeep

Steel Bumpers

2007-2018 Front Bumpers for Jeep Wrangler JK | OEDRO®

One of the most often used materials for aftermarket Jeep bumpers is steel. The explanations behind this are rather simple. Steel is durable, affordable, and fashionable. Many companies sell powder-coated steel to stop corrosion. This not only makes a bumper more resistant to the outdoors, but it’s also incredibly appealing and offers some degree of customization.

Speaking of toughness, steel bumpers are significantly more able to withstand powerful hits than factory bumpers. There is no discernible difference between your bumper being affected by running into a fence post, pushing another car, or even running over an animal on the road. Oedro’s bumpers are constructed from high gauge steel that is dreadfully tough to pierce or bend. And even if you somehow manage to dent your steel bumper, it won’t compromise its durability. Steel can bend without breaking, and a bend often doesn’t cause any trouble.

Pre-cut holes in steel bumpers make it possible to install extras like winches and lights. When compared to stock bumpers, which sometimes don’t provide simple mounting choices for attachments, this is a significant gain. Steel bumpers are an improvement over the original bumper in terms of design and aesthetics in addition to being stronger and simpler to put extras on. Steel bumpers, the majority of which are available in a powder-coated finish, offer vehicles a tough appearance.

Stainless Steel Bumpers

Bumper Guards | Front, Rear, Trucks, Jeep, Toyota

Another material that is regularly used for Jeep bumpers is stainless steel or aluminium. Stainless steel is more corrosion-resistant than conventional steel. It is also considerably lighter. Aluminium bumpers are a lighter alternative to steel bumpers. During your research, it is important to remember that aluminium bumpers are significantly more expensive than steel bumpers. In addition, lighter materials improve gas mileage. Aluminium can also be used for tougher sections if it is thick enough.

Performance and fuel consumption are important here. A lighter bumper improves fuel economy, but it’s not the best for off-roading. Going off-road is easier with a powerful bumper, but your fuel consumption will be lower the more massive the bumper. Swing and non-swing bumpers are the two main divisions of Jeep front bumpers.

Facts about the types of Bumpers

Although the majority of Wrangler bumpers come with a winch plate option, if you’re more of a highway cruiser, a lighter bumper choice could suit your tastes better. Off-roaders should take approach angles into account when choosing a new front bumper. You’ll need more space to overcome the obstruction the steeper the angle. Some bumpers don’t block anything at all, while others restrict your approach angle.

The large stock bumper on the Wrangler provides a lot of protection. The original bumper arcs over the whole width of the Wrangler while many aftermarket bumpers concentrate on the grille region. Unfortunately, for some Wrangler owners, the material isn’t as protective as they require. Thank goodness, non-plastic factory-width bumpers are readily available. 

This bumper’s factory width provides the highest level of security. Despite the name, these bumpers typically don’t resemble your standard ones at all. Although stock bumper replacements are offered, they differ from factory-width bumpers in several ways. Typically made out of steel rather than plastic, these full-width bumpers. They protect your wheels and fenders as well because they are factory-width.

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The majority of factory-width aftermarket bumpers come with choices for winches and D-rings. These bumpers come in a variety of styles, from the forceful to the subtle, offering something for almost every Jeep owner. These bumpers are still broad, but they have been trimmed to provide improved off-roading angles, such as your approach angle and departure angle. 

There are drawbacks to every bumper choice, though. The main drawback with factory-width bumpers is weight. Your default bumper is composed of lightweight plastic, thus adding weight by switching to a heavier material would be significant. Weight gain will have an impact on your handling as well as your gas mileage. These are also among the priciest bumper choices.


Despite their deliberate simplicity, several bumper variants offer additional opportunities for personalisation. While these bumper modifications offer an added degree of safety, their main purpose is to give the exterior an extra degree of individuality.

There is a Wrangler bumper that will provide added performance benefits whatever your preferred terrain. A few well-chosen bumper extensions can dramatically alter the appearance of your Jeep in a single day. That’s why we recommend that you choose the right bumper for your vehicle from the best, specialist online shop Oedro. A huge range is available at this link. Go ahead and find a new look for your iron friend!

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