Capsule wardrobe: How to assemble a versatile set of clothes

CAPSULE, THAT IS AN EXTREMELY MINIMAL WARDROBE, if not invented, then definitely popularized by blogger Caroline Joy. Three years ago, an American woman made an experiment on herself: instead of many cheap clothes, she left only 37 items in her wardrobe that go well with each other. On her website you can find tips, a planner that will tell you where to start, sorting things out, and even a special application – in general, such a visit is not at all surprising, given the course towards conscious consumption.

The 37 items that make up the basis of the wardrobe do not necessarily include sportswear, go-out clothes, lingerie, bags and other accessories – although it is quite possible to get by with less. At the same time, the capsule wardrobe does not have to contain only basic things: nothing prevents you from choosing any models that you wear most often. We’ve put together a few videos to help you figure out how to put together a capsule wardrobe – you shouldn’t consider them as direct style guidelines, rather they are general guidelines that can be easily adapted to your style. Even if you are not going to change everything completely, some principles should be taken into account: to treat the wardrobe consciously and get rid of impulsive purchases is useful for everyone.

Briton Anna talks a lot about her capsule wardrobe – there is even a playlist on her YouTube channel. In this video, she tells you where to look for information on a topic, explains the basic principles of the approach and talks a lot about her own experience – this is useful if you do not know how to approach. The blogger periodically makes video updates depending on the time of year, and this spring she released another video in which she says that she realized after two years of using the system.

How to use less clothing


Megan Livingston’s style may not be close to you, but it doesn’t matter. This video is a detailed step-by-step instruction explaining where to start if you decide to change the approach to your own wardrobe, and what should be considered in the process if you are determined to do less – this applies not only to the style and models that you like, but also to the image. Life: If you spend most of your time in the office with a strict dress code, you probably don’t need multiple pairs of off-the-shoulder jeans and tops, and vice versa.

What to be inspired by

If you need specific examples for inspiration, check out what Olivia Did, a British channel, who talks a lot about her wardrobe and how she designs it. In this video, she shows the things that form the basis of her wardrobe, in others she explains what items she leaves from season to season and, for example, gives an example of the basics of summer and autumn wardrobes.

Signe’s channel has an impressive playlist explaining the basics of a capsule wardrobe. In addition to general instructions, there are more practical tips – for example, how to follow trends, but get along with the minimum amount of things, or an up-to-date video on how to take only what you need on vacation. In this video, she talks about how to add color to your capsule wardrobe – useful if you’re shopping for a lot of basic monochrome pieces. The Signe canal has another plus: she lives in Denmark and shows things that are also suitable for our cold climate.

Doris Lee shows you how to solve one of the pressing problems – putting together a capsule wardrobe for the office if your work involves a strict dress code. There are no specific tips here, but you can take inspiration from Doris’s experience and think about how things from your work wardrobe fit together, what you miss and what you can do without. Another useful video by Doris is how to change the capsule wardrobe from summer to winter.

How to assemble a capsule cosmetic bag

If a responsible approach to your wardrobe is not enough for you, you can try putting together a capsule cosmetic bag. The author of the conscious consumption channel My Green Closet talks about how she reduced the amount of cosmetics and what to consider if you want to follow her example. One of the most useful (albeit obvious) tips is to choose multifunctional tools (we suggest that you get inspired and misuse what you already have) and think about your lifestyle: if you do not have time to draw arrows from time to time, perhaps , you don’t really need eyeliner.

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