Ditch Your Insecurities: A Guide to Plus Size Lingerie Selection

You should feel comfortable and confident in your intimate wear, from your everyday bra to your hottest lingerie. A plus-size woman, however, may have trouble choosing lingeries. Even though they may have insecurities, plus-size women are gorgeous. Everyone is beautiful regardless of size, shape, or appearance. Understanding the clothes, especially women’s lingerie, is essential to know when to look the sexiest. Dressing rules are everywhere, but what about underwear? The mystery is much greater. While talking about tiny pieces of fabric, everyone wants to feel comfortable and confident and look sexy.

Furthermore, curvier women may require more significant support from flimsy satin triangles. It is now time to ditch your insecurities and accept how you are. We have listed some essential tips to help you buy the lingerie for your perfect figure.

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When shopping for lingerie for plus-size women, you must pay particular attention to the support. Whether for health or comfort reasons, it is essential to consider the support.

The breasts and backs of curvy women are usually broader. For this reason, choosing a bra with wide straps, wide sides, and reinforced sides is essential for maximum comfort and support.

The same holds for pantyhose. Generally, a pair with broader sides is best suited to day-to-day wear since it gives more significant hip and back security. 


When choosing lingerie and bras, you should have fun and enjoy the process. For many women, lingerie shopping is a tedious and time-consuming endeavour. Shop for your underwear in a variety of styles and rekindle the excitement. You shouldn’t just settle on your old favourites, which have been collecting dust. You’ll never know what you’ll like unless you try it.

The right size

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Too often, the brain will lead you to think that getting a more significant size will hide your weight. It is quite the opposite. There is nothing better than wearing a comfortable, one-piece lingerie set. Everything else will fall into place once you find the right fit.

It would help if you chose a piece of clothing that flatters the parts you would like to draw attention to and leaves the other elements to your imagination. Considering it is nightwear, you can go overboard.


Buying the right lingerie can allow you to show off your natural curves and create the perfect hourglass shape. You should choose a babydoll style top or see-through fabric if you don’t want your lingerie to tuck in a lot. To achieve an hourglass figure, we recommend the corset bodice. It provides good support while ensuring that you feel comfortable. It can be made from soft, stretchy fabric, thus giving the illusion of an hourglass figure, or it can be stiff like an old-fashioned corset. It helps to keep everything in place and gives you a streamlined shape by wrapping around your hips and ending at your panty line.

A corset can be laced, hooked, or zipped. You might not always have someone around to help you with putting it on, so be sure you understand how to do that when you’re buying one.

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Aesthetically appealing, vibrant, and sexy. The style will make you look beautiful, meaning your partner’s eyes will drop in the right places. With red lingerie sets, you can never go wrong. 

It’s easier to feel confident and controlled when you are dark but innocent and playful when you are light. Put your best face forward.


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Light colours will accentuate your body, so go with whatever colours you like. Light colours are flattering for plus-sized women, so do not listen to those who say you can’t wear them. Clothing that flatters you depends on fit, not size. A red lingerie set is perfect for showing your passion and heat. Dress according to your mood if you prefer patterns. Otherwise, get what you like.


Since traditional fabrics like cotton dominated the lingerie world in the past decades, the number of materials for making lingerie is unlimited today. There are many different kinds of Sloggi maxi dresses you can choose from, such as satin, fishnet, silk, lace, polyester and so on. Remember that not every type of material will be flattering to a plus-size woman. Choosing a fabric, you look great in is crucial for creating an appeal. A silk or satin lingerie will make you feel like royalty during special occasions. Since cotton is easy to maintain, you will stay comfortable all day. Your daring looks will be enhanced by leather and fishnet.

The best friends of a girl who wants to feel sexy are sheer mesh and lace. With these designs, you can show off your skin while still receiving adequate coverage. 

Appreciate you curves

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Despite your not-petite body figure, you should know that you have vivacious curves despite this fact. Embrace every inch of your gorgeous body. To have the most fun, you should wear supportive and comfortable lingerie, given all the attention you receive from others. Taking care of your body is of utmost importance. Being confident and charming comes from loving yourself from the bottom of your heart. Stand out by loving yourself and being confident. Once you know your tricks and secrets, you need to use them.

Bottom Line

Lingerie shopping tips will be helpful if you do not fall under the petite category. Remember one thing: an undergarment should make you feel sexy and attractive.

 Lingerie for plus-size women can be costly sometimes. Therefore, it is essential to set a budget before beginning.

With loungeunderwear, you will see that they offers women the highest quality plus-size lingerie. You only need to visit the website often and choose the suitable model if you want the best quality on the market! Be assured that the results will exceed your expectations!

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