Do you want to choose a travel pram?

What is the most important thing about the pushchair with which you are going to conquer the seas and oceans? Or maybe even mountaintops? That’s right – the weight of the pram. And also the folding system and the wheels.

Let’s start with the weight.

Here it’s all clear, a great option when the pram doesn’t weigh much. After all, to cope with a heavy, cumbersome pram in extreme conditions is much more difficult. And airport staff will be happy with a lightweight pram, too. However, make sure the pram is stable and sturdy for its weight. Almost all European manufacturers have travel prams in their range.

Nowhere does the pram fold and unfold more often than when travelling. Taxis, airports, planes, hotels… you simply don’t have time to fold and unfold the pram. It really doesn’t matter how you assemble the pram. It is important that it should be easy to assemble, compact when folded and, ideally, sturdy enough to stand upright. Locks to prevent the pram from unintentionally opening, will protect you from the unexpected when the pram decides it needs to fold or unfold. There are a number of pushchairs that fold with one hand and also have special covers, straps and carrying handles.

In order to find the best pram for your trip, you need to understand where you are going.

If you are going to conquer the ski slopes or the sands of the Sahara, you should consider a pram with large, passable wheels or you may want to bring along special skids. These allow the pram to travel on snow and quicksand with ease, just like a sledge. If you don’t plan to travel in places where the pavement is difficult, you can choose a pram with small wheels. Please note that, as a rule, in walking prams can not count on good cushioning. But you can compensate for the lack of it with softer rubber on the wheels. Mackintosh and mosquito net will also not be superfluous, but they take up little space.

3-in-1 Travel systems

The 3in1 pram comprises a carrycot, a stroller unit and a Group 0+ car seat. All three modules can be easily fitted to the chassis of the pram.

Why is it convenient?

Just imagine, you’re going out for a visit or shopping at the mall. With the 3-in-1 system, you can put your baby in the car seat at home, mount the carrycot on the pram frame and walk outside to your car.

Even if your baby hasn’t yet got used to the car seat, he’s more likely to settle down during the walk. It’s not uncommon for babies to fall asleep on the way to the car. The carrycot is now easy to move into the car and the chassis can be stowed in the boot.

This system is particularly convenient during the cold season. You don’t need to move your baby from a warm cradle to a cold car seat. And an important point: For safety reasons, any car seat should be used without warm winter clothes for the baby! Therefore, you must not transport your baby in a bulky baby suit.

Examples of convenient travel systems

Travel-systems and 3-in-1 pushchairs differ in that they include a carrycot for the newborn. The Travel-System consists of a pram with a seat that can be used from the first days of your child’s life. A sleeper is not necessary. But it can also be purchased if desired.

Imagine going to the mall in your car. With a travel system, you can use both the pram and the car seat at the same time. Mount the car seat on the pram together with the stroller unit, walk to the car. The carrycot is installed in the car and the pram is sent to the boot.

When you reach the shopping centre we take the pushchair out, put the baby in it and you can go shopping all day long! You don’t need to take the baby out of the car seat every hour. The baby is more comfortable and spacious in the pram, he can change his position, lie down or sit down, unlike the car seat.


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