Fashionable dress colour ideas for women in 2022

When you try out any outfit in the market, your first preference is colours, and it is you who decides which colour tone best suits your personality at the moment. We always dress according to our personality, inner feeling and body type. Not everyone prefers to wear dark colours, and not everyone can wear light colours. One way or another, colours are just as much a trend as the individual elements of a look. We’re going to compile a list of colour ideas. Of course, they will be influenced by the trends of 2022. However, everyone has their own preferences.

Kelly green

Kelly green is considered a colour that is comparable and sometimes juxtaposed with light royal blue and is without a doubt the best choice for wearing prestige brands or super elegant outfits in the spring and summer 2022 collections. Just be careful when you wear mixed colours on top and different buttons, but if you want to wear and look American, it’s totally up to you


For spring and summer 2022, you can choose a bright orange colour. It should definitely be different from top to bottom. The designer says that Lavish Alice has perfectly designed the number of orange dresses on the way, so just grab a pair of orange heeled shoes and you can wear a pair of blue handbags, and wearing black sandals is also a good idea if you want to look special.

Lavender coloured one-shoulder dress

Lavender is the best colour to wear to a bridal party. Warm cocktail parties are the perfect opportunity when you can wear your favourite lavender coloured one-shoulder dress. A favourite lavender wardrobe is the best choice to look eye-catching at a bridal party. So should a pair of sparkly necklaces. Both daytime and evening dresses are suitable for any occasion.

Here are all the collections where you can choose them for a party on the dance floor or as a wedding guest.

Click on the link to see Lavish Alice’s list of wedding suits where you’ll have dozens of colours to choose from.


Black is a classic colour. Black has always been considered elegant, serious and more attractive when matched with skin tone. It is also considered the best for mourning and sadness.

We see black being used in all fashion trends, you can check out the latest looks here.
Black is the dominant colour in 2022. Trendy Cowl Neck Cross Back Fringe Dress In Pink is an evening dress of every era. Designs can be varied, T-shirt designs keep changing, but no shop or online shop is without black. Black is prevalent and widely used in every ocean except wedding dresses. Discover black dress trends right now.


White is a symbol of honesty, love and peace and can be the most fashionable and appealing colour to wear. So be prepared to have all hearts blazing. This dress code is the most formal and you can wear it to office parties, annual celebrations and weddings. Especially if you are a CEO and are invited to a big party. For that it is a luxurious colour. The style and length of the evening gown looks very cool. Make sure you wear the right size dress.
Check out our collection for your wardrobe today.

Dress for a curvy body.

Women’s bodies are not all the same shape. The curvy body is a new trend. Fashionable clothes for shapely women vary in shape and colour. But we have some variety to wear for different occasions.
Every dress we choose should be comfortable to wear, pleasant to the touch and should suppress negative thoughts. Everything you order online should be exactly the same as the one you see in your incarnation. Every dress you wear should make you feel comfortable and you should feel like the best version of yourself in it.

The best colours for party outfits.

In general, party clothes are usually dark or bright colours, but the trend at parties is changing every day.

Parties come in many different types. If you dress up for a masquerade party (hopefully the atmosphere will be relaxed) then you can turn on your imagination and create art. The first thing you should consider is that you should dress according to the omens. The colour of your mask must match or contrast with your outfit. The recommended attire is a skirt with a formal top. Heeled shoes and one or two contrasting colours are best. Wearing too many outfits in mixed colours is not recommended.

Dress colours for a birthday party.

If you’re not celebrating your own birthday, it’s best to wear a top and skirt and a pair of ripped leather trousers would be a good choice in this regard.

Cocktail party

For cocktail parties, it’s best to wear simple solid-coloured dresses or dresses with tiny dots or flowers. Anything that looks like a long skirt can be worn.

Long, tall shoes are good to wear with suits, including trouser suits, sleek trousers or palazzo sets.

Bachelor party

It’s easy to get dressed up for a bachelor party. At the party, you just have to be present at the general events and have a good attitude. Just wear something that is easy to wear and allows you to have fun. You can wear LBD, lace, jumpsuit or other satin dresses to help have fun.

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