Floral print in clothes. Learn more about sophistication.

For the past few years, unfading florals have been in trend. One of the main trends is to have as realistic and large floral patterns as possible. Women who choose floral prints in clothing are good psychologists, although the choice is on a subconscious level.

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Flowers and their images evoke a positive emotional mood in absolutely all people, regardless of their gender. In an attempt to explain this phenomenon, a number of experiments have been conducted. For example, some women were given a beautiful box of gifts, others flowers, and a hidden camera filmed the reaction. When they gave flowers – 100% of ladies, regardless of age, sincerely smiled, but gifts caused a variety of emotions. Psychologists have concluded that flowers are subconsciously associated with beauty and tenderness.

Every year in the spring, designers from around the world present their spring and summer collections in which floral prints, applications of flowers and accessories with artificial floristics are very popular. And it is no wonder, because in the spring the flowers bloom, and in the summer they bloom in all their glory. And nothing can accentuate the fragility and beauty of a woman like a delicate flower.

The fashion for floral prints started in the 2000s and will probably not give up soon – flowers on clothes will be blooming for years to come. The colours and styles of dresses are changing, and so is the floral print. What hasn’t changed is the essence.

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One of the brightest devotees of floral fashion in clothing is the brand Gucci. Fashion designers and designers of most fashion houses in the world rediscover the magic of the flower year after year. The flower in clothes is designed to emphasise feminine beauty, there is probably no woman who is not in favour of flowers.

Women do not need the advice of psychologists when it comes to beauty. They have a woman’s intuition and when they put on a floral dress, many of them feel harmony and closeness to nature, lightness and a romantic mood.

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