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Gucci has released an updated version of the bag dedicated to Princess Diana

The Gucci fashion house has released an updated version of the Diana bag dedicated to Lady D. The original model with bamboo handles was introduced in 1991, while the modern bag now has detachable neon leather straps. These parts are a reference to the clips that were previously sold with the original accessory to keep the handles in shape.
The roomy tote bag was one of Princess Diana’s favorites. She could often be seen with an accessory in an informal setting, such as in a gym parking lot. In creating the updated model, Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele relied on what Diana valued – inner freedom and independence.

The palette of the line includes both neutral base colors and trendy shades of the season. Among the first are black, classic brown, and white; and the latter represent emerald green, sky blue, and pale pink tones. The bags are available in three sizes: medium, small and mini.

Each accessory comes with two neon-colored straps: yellow, orange, and pink. All of them are embellished with metal embossing on the outside and a buckle. According to Gucci representatives, additional straps can be purchased separately. A personalization service is available for them – the ability to emboss with the buyer’s initials.

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