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How to beat your fear of flying: tips from professional travelers

Despite the fact that airplanes remain one of the safest and most reliable types of transport, many people, after reading the news, cannot overcome their fear and get on board. For most of them, aerophobia reaches such proportions that it causes trouble not only for themselves but also for those around them. The editorial staff of turned to experienced travelers to find out how it is possible to distinguish a panic fear of flying from pre-flight excitement and whether it is realistic to get rid of a phobia in a short time, which can seriously ruin the rest or interfere with important meetings.

Phobia or just excitement?

Experts say that aerophobia is very easy to distinguish from the standard pre-flight excitement, you just need to understand – you are strained by slight discomfort, which does not poison the life of either you or those around you, does not affect the freedom of movement, and is quite tolerable, or your fear is so great that you cannot adequately perceive the situation and be responsible for your actions. In the first case, distracting maneuvers will help: watching your favorite films, reading books, meditation, pleasant communication, and so on, but in the second case, you will need something more effective. At the same time, people suffering from aerophobia are well aware of flight safety and are very well versed in how everything works inside the plane. But this does not always save them, and often at the moment of “dangerous” situations, they simply lose control over themselves.

How to learn to enjoy flying:

Set yourself up for the fact that this is only temporary.

Take a comfortable position in an airplane seat and reassure yourself that in a few hours you will be at your destination and can do your own thing. Think of it as temporary difficulties that you will certainly overcome and will be able to reward yourself for your patience and courage. The main thing – do not forget to follow the instructions of the crew, then your flight will not be so terrible, believe me.

Keep yourself busy.

Instead of counting air pockets and flinching from any incomprehensible squeak, it is better to switch your attention to something else. Think of something to do for yourself – and you won’t notice how time flies by. For example, you can make a to-do list that you always put off, jot down a few important letters, free up phone (or camera) memory for new impressive shots, sort files on devices, watch a movie that friends or film critics have advised, leaf through a magazine, or just hold your hand. a loved one (this also helps, checked).

Practice breathing exercises.

If you’ve never tried something like this before, now is the time. A flight (especially a long one) is another challenge for the body, so try to do so as not to panic, get stressed and not lose your composure. Deep breaths in and out are fine as a proven method – keep breathing in this way until you realize that the panic attacks are gradually receding and you can calmly perceive what is happening around you. And to enhance the effect, try to tense your back muscles during deep breaths – this will help reduce the feeling of anxiety, you can relax a little.

Imagine that you have already reached your destination.

There is nothing more soothing and inspiring than to imagine that you have already landed and now you can relax and go about your business. Think about what you would like to do first? Where would you go or who would you meet? This psychological technique helps to distract from annoying thoughts.

Think about how an airplane works.

Or rather, that the turbulence zone, for example, does not pose such a danger as many think. Of course, it is unpleasant to get injured by the hand luggage that has fallen from above or to be burned by a hot drink, but if you follow the safety rules and stay fastened during the entire flight, then air pockets will not give you any trouble. As for another myth that if lightning hits an airplane, then irreparable will happen, then it has nothing to do with reality. It happens that lightning strikes an aircraft, on the wings of which special lightning rods are installed, but cannot cause serious damage to it.

And finally:

Those who are worried about accidentally opening the door during the flight are wrong. The thing is that during the movement the doors are under great pressure, in order to at least just open them slightly, you will need really heroic strength.

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