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How to buy cheap clothes but look stylish

In fact, it doesn’t matter how much you paid for the item you bought. Nobody will ask you questions about the price. But the appearance of your clothes is exactly what immediately catches the eyes of others. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to a careful choice: to monitor how things fit your figure, the quality and how they will be combined with the rest of your wardrobe. Not everyone is ready to spend money on buying expensive branded items. Someone thinks that this is a waste of money, someone will prefer to go on vacation or go out to dinner in a cafe for the amount saved, while someone simply does not have enough financial savings to invest in quality.

Probably, everyone has inexpensive clothes in their wardrobe: souvenir T-shirts, see-through T-shirts, sweaters that are worn a couple of times a season to make the thing last as long as possible. But someone has stuffed the whole closet with such things. It is possible to find decent clothes at a low price, contrary to popular belief. But you need to approach this wisely: there are many factors that determine how a thing will look on you, how long it will last, and how quickly it will lose its attractive appearance. We’ve put together a few ways to buy cheap clothes while still looking stylish.

Choose the right colors and shades

Firstly, very bright things, even bought in an expensive store, look cheap because of their colors. If you are a lover of acidic or just saturated shades, be careful with them: immediately think about what you can wear such an item of clothing with. A ready-made image should be assembled in the head, with the inclusion of things in basic colors that can calm the riot of colors and give the set harmony. Secondly, be careful when buying things in white, black, brown and navy blue. Cheap white fabrics turn yellow and deteriorate quickly, so you should always have good bleach on hand. Products of dark colors may lose their uniform shade after several washes, they also quickly fade in the sun, and become covered with noticeable brownish-yellow spots. Therefore, it is better to give preference to clothes that are less likely to become unusable due to problems with flowers: buy green, gray, blue, peach, beige clothes.

Always read the main materials on the label

Carefully read the composition on the labels – the service life of the things you bought depends on this. Low-quality products will retain their original appearance only the first couple of times when you decide to wear them somewhere. And the process of losing its attractive appearance will not be stopped either by shampoos for delicate fabrics or by machines for removing pellets. Choose inexpensive fabrics from which you should not expect any drastic changes: look for items made of cotton, viscose, polyester, etc.

Give preference to basic items

Your entire wardrobe can consist of basic items. Because of their soothing colors, successful cuts, and versatility, every item in your wardrobe can be harmoniously combined with others. The basic wardrobe should be meticulously composed, it should not contain any bright and complex elements with an unusual design and cut. If you pick up the necessary base for yourself once, then in the future you can not worry about the quality of things that you will buy in addition. You can take whatever you want: bright, complex, cheap, but at least once. The more basic things in your wardrobe, the fewer things you basically need. So instead of buying yourself a few sweaters or trousers, buy one, but more or less high-quality, calm shades, without unnecessary design decisions.

Monitor the quality of additional elements

In addition to the material from which the item is made, you need to pay attention to the quality of additional elements: buttons, buckles, zippers, etc. If they are poorly sewn, or their appearance will not inspire confidence in you, it is better not to risk it and refuse to buy. Otherwise, an unreliable element can break at the most inopportune moment, putting you in an awkward position, or forcing you to spend the same amount on repairs that you gave for the whole thing.

Look for quality clothing in second-hand shops

It used to be somehow embarrassing to go to second-hand shops, but now it’s even fashionable. Firstly, such stores give things a second chance: instead of throwing away what they got tired of / what they grew up out of / what they donated but didn’t like, people hand over their clothes to a thrift shop, and someone else buys it with pleasure. Things and accessories made of high-quality materials in excellent condition often end up in second-hand shops. So before heading out to the mall during the promotions, try checking out the nearest thrift store.

Mix the look with white clothes

If you are not afraid of the prospect of often using bleach, feel free to stuff your wardrobe with white clothes. Whether it’s a jacket, trousers, or shirt, white clothes immediately make your look more expensive, no matter how much you actually gave for these items in the store. Of course, practicality in this is zero, but we are talking about creating a good impression of you due to your appearance.

Try on clothes one size larger and smaller than yourself

Take a note: if the thing sits strangely on you, and you cannot understand what is wrong, try on the model one size larger and one size smaller. The fact is that the size charts of different brands can be very different from each other. If you are used to wearing an M but find that the look of the thing on you leaves a lot to be desired, give a chance to sizes S and L. You may find that the “adjacent” size fits you much better.

Take things to the atelier

If you are used to buying cheap things, you know that economy-class brands rarely sit well with real customers, especially if you have a non-standard figure. Nevertheless, your image as a whole strongly depends on how a particular item of clothing looks on you. So the best thing you can do is find a tailor not far from your house, and hem the purchased things for you for a symbolic amount. Be sure the results will exceed all your expectations!

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