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How to choose and buy flight tickets [Guide 2021]

After finally choosing the place of rest, it is necessary to solve the following problem – to find the most convenient flight and tickets. Before the final click “buy”, you will need to add up and take into account all the conditions and priorities. And it is quite normal that everything will not be solved in one day. We are sure that the 10-step principle will definitely help you purchase the coveted flight tickets.

Where to begin

Specify exactly the amount of the budget that you are willing to pay for a comfortable and safe flight. Fast doesn’t mean exactly. And cheaper doesn’t mean better. That is, when purchasing air tickets with a minimum time difference in connections and much cheaper than you expected, do not expect everything to be perfect. It is likely that it will not. Find a balance between your capabilities and desires, but never skimp on comfort and safety.

Choose the airport of departure according to the principle “which is better and more convenient for me, my family and all suitcases.” In no case, do not choose an airport in another part of the city just because a friend liked it there. Approach the choice of a terminal from a purely practical point of view. Do not go to the airport for half a day to fly 2-5 hours to a holiday destination in another country.

The 8-step principle

# 1 Determine the budget for air expenses

The cost of an air ticket depends entirely on the budget that you expect to spend on all types of transport. If you know for sure that renting a bike and a metro pass is not enough. It can be a taxi, a bus, a train, or a possible car rental. After you have calculated all the costs for “horsepower”, you will know exactly how much you will have left for air tickets. And then you can easily decide what to buy – tickets for a charter or a regular flight. If you still do not know the difference between them, then charter flights and “last minute” flights can be much cheaper than regular ones. But it is important to remember that tickets for charter flights cannot be returned and can often be canceled or rescheduled.


# 2 Correctly determine the place of departure

If it is important for you to get to your destination with a discount so that you can then buy an airplane for a second flight (to another country), and only after that you will fly home, then look for options with discounters or low-cost airlines. These are low-cost airlines that offer tickets at the lowest possible price. Such companies offer flights almost every hour. But just remember that there is no need to wait for any service or additional services. Discounters have advantages: they fly on the most popular routes. And if you are planning a flight route in Europe, then choose not according to the principle “the closer, the better”, but how to best cover the distance in one flight.

# 3 Search and planning

As practice shows, it is calmer to search for the most suitable and profitable flight options in advance. There is a possibility of seasonal discounts and vacancies. Comparison and analysis of offers from different airlines will gradually help you choose tickets. How exactly? Customize search filters according to your requirements in aggregators and track prices. Even within a week, the dynamics can be significant. Be sure to compare the “outbound” and “return” options, as two different tickets, and the “round trip” option. It often happens that a return ticket is more expensive on its own. Not always, of course. But you can save money if you stock up on a return ticket right away.

# 4 Attention with transfers!

A significant difference in time between flights can significantly save the (family) budget. But not the time, of course. If you are ready to sit for several hours at the airport, then feel free to select flights, and you yourself will see the difference in ticket prices. But if you choose a flight not in a day or a few hours, then you can find very profitable options. Because even the most comfortable airports are still airports, not a sofa at home. If the issue of saving is a priority, pay attention to the promotions of air carriers.

# 5 Keep track of the weight of your luggage

Believe me, your luggage will be inspected and weighed carefully both on departure and when you are going home. Carefully read on your ticket (each airline has its own requirements) how many kilograms of carry-on luggage and what size you can take with you on the plane, and for which baggage you will have to pay extra.

# 6 Don’t forget about children and pets

When choosing tickets, it is not easy to configure the number of passengers on all interfaces. At least at first glance. Don’t be afraid to try. You can cancel an inaccurate option simply by clicking on the return arrow in the browser line. The number of children and their age also affect the cost of tickets. Since airlines have tickets for children, and children from 2 years old must have their own seat. Regarding the transportation of pets, be sure to check with the air carrier for a complete list of veterinary documents, and whether such a possibility exists at all. An unpleasant surprise can be a ban on the flight of certain animals. For example, no tailed beasts will be admitted to Greece, except for cats, dogs and ferrets. Even with all the available documents.

# 7 Take notes about everything important.

It can take a lot of time to find the results of interest. And if you use several aggregators for searching and buying air tickets at once, you will not be able to remember the received data. You can make a table in electronic form, or you can simply write down the name of the airline, flight number, date, time, and cost of tickets in a notebook. Please note that you can also look at the offers on the websites of the air carriers themselves. Their prices can be without additional commissions. Read the rules for booking and returning tickets immediately. Different airlines have their own.

# 8 Reviews, Reviews, Reviews.

You can find different reviews about the services of air carriers. Because there are a lot of passengers, and it is difficult to please everyone. Try to adequately assess criticism and negativity. He can be very subjective due to a bad mood, a traffic jam on the way to the airport, or a snoring neighbor on the plane. Take on board what is important to you and draw the appropriate conclusions. And that’s all. And if you are an infrequent airline customer, then trust the opinion of those who fly on airplanes regularly.

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