How to choose men’s fitness clothing

For men today, leading a healthy lifestyle, giving up bad habits, eating organic food, going to the gym regularly and taking fitness classes is prestigious. Gone are the days when men sat on the sofa drinking beer and chips. Now men devote more time to their appearance and health. Therefore, exercising has become the norm for most men. This means that comfortable sportswear is essential for maximum performance.

Fitness for men

Unlike women, men lose weight much faster and gain muscle mass. This is due to their physiology and muscle structure. Fat tissue is particularly important for women because they need it to have healthy children. Women’s bodies, therefore, find it much harder to shed excess fat. Not least of these differences is the endocrine system, which has a direct effect on body shape and body fat percentage. And male hormones act in a way that speeds up the building of muscle mass.

There is still a perception that fitness is only for women. In fact, it is designed for both sexes to lose weight and give your muscles a beautifully sculpted look. A special fitness program also helps to develop flexibility and endurance. In addition, it improves the overall condition of the body and in particular the function of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

For men, an optimal fitness program will include aerobic and strength exercises, which are interspersed with each other. Additional martial arts training may be offered, as well as swimming. Which classes are best suited to you will be decided on an individual basis, based on your goals. If your goal is to lose weight, aerobic exercises alternating with strength training should be preferred. If you want to build muscle definition, the emphasis is on weight-bearing exercises.

The men’s fitness program includes several levels:

  1. An introduction to fitness. The classes focus on proper breathing and correct exercise technique.
  2. Body correction. This stage includes gradual weight loss, building muscle definition and increasing muscle mass.
  3. Consolidation of results. The emphasis is put on strength training and swimming, so as not to stop the process of building muscle mass, but rather to make it progress.

Clothing requirements for men’s fitness

First and foremost, clothing for sports and fitness, in particular, should be comfortable and not restrict movement. Not all men choose expensive sports brands for this purpose and wear ordinary casual clothes that suit their style, which is not quite right and does not allow them to get the most out of their workouts.

Initially, you should buy the right trainers. Often young people come to train in stylish, fashionable trainers that are not at all designed for real sports. This can lead either to shoes that fall apart quickly or, worse, to ankle or foot injuries.

The right fitness shoes should meet the following requirements:

  • the upper of the trainer and the inner trim are made of breathable materials, allowing sweat to escape freely and increasing the comfort of the feet;
  • the sole has well-defined cushioning properties, reducing the load on knee joints and drastically reducing the risk of injuries during standard fitness jumps, lunges, etc;
  • The trainers are precisely matched to the size of the foot so that the foot doesn’t feel loose or squeezed, which in both cases leads to discomfort and increases the risk of injury.

It is also important to choose the right sports kit for your torso. It should be:

  • Comfortable and lightweight. Often jerseys and T-shirts made of natural materials are preferred. But because most men are actively sweating, the natural fabric can quickly become saturated with moisture and will deliver discomfort. That’s why modern sports outfit manufacturers produce T-shirts and sweatshirts made of special synthetic materials that are as breathable as cotton but lack its disadvantages.
  • Size-optimized. Too loose or, conversely, tight jerseys will interfere with exercise, hanging around or chafing in the most unpredictable places.

Nowadays, it is also easy to buy special slimming fitness clothing made of synthetic material, which is completely airtight. The idea is that the heat and moisture generated during exercise does not escape and create a greenhouse effect, which helps you burn off extra kilos more quickly. But men with dermatitis or other skin conditions should not wear these clothes.

As for sports trousers or shorts, the requirements are almost the same. They should be:

  • They must be made of a material that is breathable and breathable;
  • They must be the right size for you;
  • Sufficiently elastic so as not to restrict movement.

So when you decide to get into fitness, look out for products from some of today’s best brands: BadBoy, Venum, FixGear, Fairtex, Tatami and Castore. They specialise in specialist sports equipment that is revered even by professional athletes. From their wide range of quality workout gear, hoodies, shirts, T-shirts, jerseys, bibs and shorts, it’s easy to choose something that will not only last as long as possible but also help you achieve your desired results faster.

Every man chooses a set of sportswear according to his own taste and on the basis of his goals. Depending on the weather conditions and the nature of your workout, they can be combined to create stylish ensembles, for example:

  • T-shirt and shorts;
  • T-shirt and sweatpants;
  • A short-sleeved rashguard and breeches;
  • T-shirt, shorts and tights.

Which material is best

Choosing sportswear is sometimes difficult because of a lack of knowledge about the characteristics of different materials. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The ideal material for sportswear:

  • is permeable to air and moisture;
  • stretches and quickly returns to its initial state;
  • pleasant to the touch;
  • wear-resistant;
  • lightweight.

These requirements are most closely matched:

  • Cotton is a natural, hypoallergenic fabric that absorbs moisture well and lets air in. But it quickly loses its initial appearance, so cotton is often combined with other materials.
  • Polyester is a synthetic, breathable, absorbent fabric that can hold its colour and shape with frequent washing. It is anti-crease and highly practical.
  • Elastane (Lycra, Dorlastan) is a synthetic fabric with the ability to stretch back to its original size. It is water-repellent and wicks sweat away from the body surface quickly.
  • Polyamide is a tough, hard-wearing fabric with a unique yarn weave that provides a porous surface and allows for unobstructed airflow.
  • Dazel is a specially designed fabric for sportswear that is breathable, moisture-wicking, does not warp when stretched and retains its original appearance for a long time.

Often, these materials are combined to get the most suitable sportswear for the intended purpose.

So picking out a set of fitness clothing is not difficult, especially among the market leaders’ range, but we recommend that you first familiarise yourself with Castore sportswear. Most importantly, don’t stop there and keep working out with confidence, so that your body will fully reflect your strong inner self.

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