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How to find such headphones so you don’t have to choose?

If your headphones broke at least once, or you had to leave the house without them, then you probably remember this feeling of severe discomfort. As if you had forgotten to put on an important piece of clothing and now you are forced to walk around the city half-naked. This feeling is familiar to all of us, now headphones are not just an accessory, but a thing that must be in your pocket next to your smartphone, wallet, and keys. Choosing headphones – is not an easy matter. The decision to buy a particular headphone model is usually made based on three factors: design, price, and quality. Choosing a design is quite simple, then between the last two, you have to choose for a long time, looking for the ideal ratio. But we know how to make this choice easier. Together with Skullcandy, we figure out how to choose high-quality headphones and not overpay.

Decide on your priorities

When buying headphones, it is important to be aware that any of the options chosen will be in some way a compromise. Either you have to sacrifice finances, or take headphones from a more budget segment, but a little worse in quality. Only the right priorities will allow you to find the optimal solution that meets the basic requirements. Conventionally, three criteria can be distinguished, from which you will build on. It’s about affordability, portability, and, of course, sound quality. So, for example, choosing the best sound quality usually implies the maximum price tag and the abandonment of portability. And an ultraportable wireless headset, most likely, will not provide high-quality sound and at the same time will hardly be cheap. Therefore, it is worth deciding what is most important to you and highlighting at least one of the criteria that you are ready to sacrifice. Of course, you can give the preference to the model in which the balance of all three main components is observed. For example, Skullcandy Dime True Wireless Earbuds. These are perhaps the most affordable wireless earbuds with powerful and deep sound. They will allow you to appreciate the entire musical palette of your favorite tracks, guaranteeing strong bass and high detail low frequencies. At the same time, for the sake of them, you will not have to leave most of your wallet at the store checkout.

Choose the type of connection

Another question to ask yourself before buying – wired or wireless? Here, preferences vary greatly, someone still buys the classics of headphones, while someone has long abandoned wires, replacing them with a portable box with a device. However, it should be noted that there are many advantages to wireless devices, ranging from mobility to aesthetic components. What type of connection to choose is up to you. But if you are buying a modern wireless gadget, then pay attention to the battery life. Skullcandy DIME TWS, for example, provides 3.5 hours of continuous listening and 2 full charges from the case – which, by the way, is a full 12 hours of battery life. At the same time, the case is rather miniature – its body does not exceed the size of a car key, so it does not take up much space and will be very convenient for transportation. Mobility and autonomy – in the Skullcandy DIME TWS model, these characteristics meet all the requirements for quality wireless headphones.

Evaluate the basic characteristics and additional features

The numbers will help you better navigate the purchase. Pay attention to the following parameters: frequency range. This parameter characterizes the spectrum of sounds that the headphones can reproduce, the standard is 20 – 20,000 Hz. More human hearing simply does not recognize, although in the description of typefaces you can often find values ​​that go beyond these limits; power. It affects the ceiling of the headphone volume, and when paired with a high-quality sound source, high-power headphones can provide a brighter and richer sound; resistance, or impedance. It affects both volume and overall sound quality. You need to focus on this parameter in accordance with the device with which you are going to use the headphones. For smartphones and portable equipment, select headsets with a lower impedance – up to 32 or even 16 ohms, and for stationary ones – with a higher impedance, from 32 ohms. Of course, you should not blindly rely on all the numbers described in the characteristics of the headphones. Two headsets with different parameters can differ greatly in sound quality, so it is worth looking for more information and not neglecting preliminary listening. With Skullcandy DIME TWS you don’t have to worry about sound. They delight not only with well-developed bass, but also with the absence of distortion in songs even at maximum volume, and at comfortable listening levels, the depth of sound is reliable and powerful. As for the highs, they feel balanced enough to match the lows so that there is no audible dissonance.

Don’t forget about design

Even if this is not the most important criterion, you should not lose sight of the design. Headphones can also be a stylish accessory to compliment your style. Especially if you choose the right ones. Skullcandy DIME TWS is available in several colors: black, blue, and gray. The first ones will suit connoisseurs of classic no-frills, and the others – in case you want something more original. In addition, the case has oval slots through which the user will see a pair of their headphones with the recognizable Skullcandy logo in the form of a skull. Stylish design, good sound quality, and affordable price – this device will definitely become the most indispensable for you.

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