Just Calm Down: What Is Anxiety And How To Deal With It?

Last year’s pandemic and a long period of self-isolation have affected the mental state of people. So, in 2020, psychologists were consulted 89% more often compared to 2019. Due to constant stress, many are faced with obsessive feelings of anxiety and anxiety. Getting rid of it and settling down can be difficult.

Anxiety is a persistent trait of a person, which eventually becomes a part of him. As a rule, there is some reason due to which it was necessary to form such a quality. The psyche and body strive to help a person. And if he is constantly in a state of stress, if he has a difficult family environment, bullying at school, difficult socialization, problems with friends, etc., then such a quality as anxiety develops.

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Focus on your own body

Then it is very good to use fine motor skills and return the focus of attention to your body. These are bodily practices, techniques of grounding, conscious breathing.

Nadezhda: In a moment of anxiety, you need not go to your smartphone or TV, but, on the contrary, stay “in life”: look out the window, watch the birds fly, breathe air, look at something else. It is very important not to go into another reality – this will not make it less alarming, only you will do yourself a disservice.

Recognize other feelings

Often, when anxious people try to drown out these feelings. They start to eat a lot, to fuss. At such a moment, it is important to discover what other accompanying feelings you are experiencing. For example, a feeling of fear (suddenly rejected or abandoned), a sense of their own inferiority, lack of autonomy, violation of boundaries. It is important to note here what exactly caused the alarm.

How to understand that it is worth contacting a specialist?

If your anxiety attacks are so strong that it interferes with your life, it’s time to seek help from a psychologist.

Alarm bells include:

  • sleep disorders;
  • psychosomatic reactions: constant muscle tension, headaches, irritable bowel syndrome;
  • low concentration of attention;
  • constant irritability.
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