Morning exercises – first steps, a set of exercises

All people on Earth are well aware of the benefits of exercise in the morning for the whole body. They talk about this even in elementary school, trying to instill this habit of leading a healthy lifestyle in every child. However, in fact, few people are ready to get up early in the morning and do at least a few basic exercises.

If you overpower yourself and start waking up earlier in the morning to exercise, this will undoubtedly improve your mood, well-being, and increase your organization and discipline. You will be energized for the whole day. Exercising, especially in combination with a contrast shower, helps you wake up better and feel better than if you just wallow for these 10 minutes, trying to get out of bed. It is especially productive to exercise outdoors.

Also, now many fitness clubs are open 24 hours a day and allow you to visit them in the morning. This will be a kind of replacement for outdoor exercises if you do not have parks or squares near your house where you could do exercises. Read on to learn more about how exercise affects the human body, as well as about which exercises to start doing exercises in the morning.

The effect of charging on the human body

First of all, the benefit of morning exercises is that it can accustom you to the regime. Exercise also helps to improve metabolic processes in the body, increase the body’s resistance to stress. Youth is prolonged, the aging process slows down in the body, brain cells are activated, allowing you to maintain clarity of mind all day, a person becomes more self-possessed and calm. Exercising in the morning helps to keep yourself in shape, as well as lose weight. Exercise will help improve sleep, appetite, increase performance, get rid of drowsiness and lethargy. For more information about the effect of physical education on the human body, read the article at the link.



If you feel well, you do not have any deviations in physical and mental development, you can safely do exercises without fear of the consequences. However, if you have problems with the heart, joints, back, then you need to consult with your doctor about which exercises are shown to you, and which ones are better not to practice for now.

There are very few contraindications to morning exercises. Almost anyone, with a few exceptions, can do it.

The list of contraindications for doing morning exercises:

Colds accompanied by fever;
Inflammatory processes;
Violation of pressure;
Malignant tumors;
Kidney disease;

How to exercise in the morning


First of all, it is necessary to establish your age category, because charging duration is different for each age. If you are doing exercises with your child, remember that children get tired quickly and switch their attention, so the duration of charging for them should not exceed 10 minutes. If the baby is very small (2-3 years old), then you should accustom him to charging through the game, showing the exercise himself cheerfully. If you feel that the child is tired, it is better to stop exercising, otherwise he will overwork even more and he will completely lose the desire to do exercises. With an older child, you can gradually increase the duration and intensity of the workout, including more challenging exercises. But it is imperative to monitor the child’s condition for fatigue. Classes are best carried out in the fresh air, if this is not possible, then in a well-ventilated area. In the future, the child himself can, if desired, increase the time of the lesson and its elements.

An adult can perform exercises more intensely, but the duration should not be more than 30 minutes, because the main thing for charging is to “stir up” the body, let it wake up, and not burden it with unnecessary unnecessary exercises. In old age (from 55 years for women and 60 years for men), exercising is also very useful, the time can be slightly reduced if you feel that some exercises are difficult for you, you do not need to overexert yourself and put additional stress on the heart and respiratory organs. Exercising at this age is useful to combine with a shower or douche. You can often meet older people doing so-called Finnish walking in the morning. This is a great alternative to early morning exercises because it is easy to deal with it, there are practically no contraindications for it.

The charging time should not exceed 20 minutes. Exercises at any age should be light, lifting weights in the morning should not be performed, especially in old age, so as not to tear your back.

A set of exercises for morning exercises

Neck exercises

The simplest and most effective neck exercises are tilting the head to the right and left, as well as turning the head to the sides. Then you should tilt the head forward and backward. These simple exercises will help stretch your cervical vertebrae and strengthen your neck muscles. They can be performed not only in the morning, but also during the day, for example, during breaks at work. But if you have a cold neck, or you have osteochondrosis, it is better not to perform such exercises yet.

Exercises for the trunk

Then it is worth stretching the body. First of all, do the following exercises:

Starting position: stand up straight, feet shoulder-width apart, hands on shoulders. Perform shoulder rotation 10 times forward and 10 times back.
Starting position: the same. We put our hands in front of us and spread them to the sides for the count of “three or four”. Run 10 times.
Starting position: the same. Rotate your shoulders back and forth 10 times.
Starting position: the same. Try to bring your hands together behind your back, holding one under the shoulder blade, the other above it. This will strengthen your back muscles. Also, the back muscles strengthen the forward and backward bends, push-ups. Moreover, push-ups can be performed not only from the floor, but also from other surfaces. It will also strengthen your chest muscles. These exercises are also performed 10-15 times.
To strengthen the muscles of the upper press, you should do body lifts 20 times while lying on your back. To strengthen the lower press lying on your back, raise your straight legs and do the “scissors” exercise (while lying on your back, slightly raise your outstretched legs and cross them with quick movements).

Hand exercises

A useful exercise for morning exercises is push-ups. Push-ups also strengthen the muscles of the arms. They can be performed by resting your hands on the bench.


Exercises for the legs

Squats are useful for the legs, but they must be done correctly. It is necessary to sit down, putting the ass back, as if you were sitting on the toilet. You need to squat without straining your knees, otherwise you can damage your joints. This exercise is performed 20 times in the morning. You can use a weighting agent – dumbbells weighing 1 kg and squat with them.

Lunges, kicks, stretching, and walking on toes and heels are also helpful. To strengthen the calf muscles, you should stand facing the wall, leaning on it with your hands, and in turn raise one or the other leg to your toes. Perform this exercise 20 times.

What is needed for morning exercises

Morning exercises are carried out on an empty stomach, or after a minimum time of 40 minutes after a lean, light breakfast (cereals, muesli, yogurt or kefir). Before charging, you need to wash, tidy up, drink a glass of water. You must be wearing a sports jersey, leotards. On the feet are comfortable sneakers that fix the foot well. They should not be too stiff to allow the leg to flex when running. Hair must be pulled back or braided so that it does not get in the way. It is better to remove jewelry, chains, long earrings.


Exercises and running

It is very useful to combine exercise with jogging in the morning, this allows you to saturate the air with oxygen, activate metabolic processes, and reduce morbidity. Before running, you need to warm up, do 10 inclinations, squats, spreading arms to the sides. After running, you can’t stop right away, you need to gradually reduce the pace, otherwise the work of the heart will be disrupted. After running, the warm-up can be continued without burdening the body with too heavy exercises.

Better to run in parks, alleys with rough terrain. In such places you can not only enjoy nature, but also breathe fresh air. In addition, in the parks you can meet like-minded people and run together so that it is not so boring. There is no need to try to overtake everyone, in this matter the pace is not the main thing, the main thing is the process itself. The pace should not be too fast. If you feel that you are tired, your legs hurt, it is better to stop running or start walking.

There is no need to abruptly start winding circles, it is necessary to gradually increase the time and, if you are confident in your abilities, then the speed. If it’s winter or it’s raining outside, a treadmill can be an alternative to running in the morning. Of course, this is not a substitute for full-fledged physical exercise in the fresh air, but it can help for a while. If you decide to buy a treadmill, you need to be confident in your decision and in the fact that you will be working on it, because very often such an attribute is successful only for the first time, and then it stands and gathers dust as unnecessary.

The duration of the run in the morning should not exceed 10 minutes. In the future, you can increase the training time up to 20 minutes. If you are just starting out in the open air, the first lesson should be very short because out of habit, you can stretch the ligaments, your legs can hurt from exertion. After the first day, it is better to take a break, study every other day. In the future, as the muscles get used to the loads, you can run every day. If you feel tired, it is better to stop exercising. You can take a bottle of water or unsweetened tea with you, take short breaks during the distance and drink some liquid, do a little warm-up, then you can continue running. After running, you need to continue the warm-up, doing, for example, push-ups or pull-ups on the horizontal bar, if possible.

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