Must-have tools for your kitchen

What are the must-have tools that you should buy for your kitchen in 2022?

You have just taken up cooking or started cooking for your family and you are sitting with a sheet of paper thinking about which kitchen tools and equipment to order. After years of experience in cooking, we know very well which gadgets are more useful and which are completely useless.


We’ve put together a list of cool and satisfying gadgets for your kitchen that will be just as much a blessing to you.

If you have decided to buy all the tools you need for your kitchen, or just feel dissatisfied with the list of tools you already have, you need to check the list of tools that are more demanding and can help you work effectively in the kitchen.

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Trending list of Preparation Tools and Essentials

Grip-pin ™ Ergonomic Rolling Pin

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The unique rolling pin is the most important tool used in the kitchen. Its handle is perfectly raised so that your wrist and knuckles are not exposed to friction and hit the kitchen worktop.

Its large beech surface is 30 centimetres for rolling out. Along with this, there are some precautions. Do not dip it in water for long periods of time. After washing with your hands, wipe it dry with a thinner cloth.

4 piece Chopping Board set

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Cooking any dish begins with cutting, slicing or dicing. That’s why the cutting board plays a big role.  It is not possible to slice onions and apples with the same cutting board. That’s why we offer a set of 4 cutting boards for different uses.

The Folio Tim is a cutting board with a non-slip surface, which makes the cutting process more enjoyable. The slim stainless steel case holds them together and you can easily choose a coloured cutting board to suit your taste. There are empty spaces on both sides of the case to allow air to circulate around. They are quite easy to clean.

  • Dimensions (Regular): H22 x W31.8 x D7.5cm (H8¾ x W12½ x D3 inches)
  • Weight 1.8 kilogram

The Nest ™ set of 9 plus Bowl Set 

The compact small kitchen set is a handy and frequently used kitchen tool. All the cups, from the smaller to the larger one, are attached inside the larger one. It is lightweight and easy to carry. All this helps you to make cooking quicker and more efficient.

The list of food preparation sets includes:

  • 0.5 L mixing bowl and up to five cups for food measurement, 4.5 L mixing bowl and 3L colander,  and 1.65L sieve.
  • All sets are able to nest together to save kitchen space.
  • Large bowls are easily adjustable with double handles aside, with no chance to slip.
  • Small bowls are the best tool for food measurements.
  • The 0.5L bowl includes the metric and imperial measurements. 
  • Super important stainless steel mesh sieve.

CupboardStore ™ film, foil & Bag Organiser


The Store™ cabinet is the best use of the space available. it’s easy to install with shelves and will accommodate all kinds of paper and thin items such as baking foil and bin liners. it’s easy to clean and wash. just use a damp cloth and clean it thoroughly. Bear in mind that it is only suitable for areas where there is free space wider than 26 cm.

Dimensions: H9 x W26.3 x D22.1cm (H3½ x W10½ x D8¾ inches)

4L food Waste Caddy 

Photo by JosephJoseph

We eat and leave some food to spoil. children, especially toddlers, do this, and this food goes in the rubbish bin. But wait, is it a good idea to throw food in the open wastebasket so that it decomposes and gives off an unpleasant smell? Well, a fully ventilated waste bin will help you hide the unpleasant odours from rusty food. The ventilated cover will help you to minimise odour sticking and dampness inside.

The polypropylene housing is easy to clean and the steel carrying handle will help you when lifting. Decided to wash it? Wipe it down with a damp cloth and then dry it with a soft cloth. Using abrasive or strong chemical cleaners will ruin the surface.

Dimensions: H16.1 x W23.5 x D19.7cm (H6½ x W9¼ x D7¾ inches)

4-piece Kitchen Knives Set

Photo by JosephJoseph

DoorStore™ Knives 4-piece Kitchen Knives Set with slimline storage will help the knife to be safe inside of the steel box. The slimline storage box is the best choice to keep the knives in a standing position. It would save the children’s soft hands from touch. Its blades are made of nonstick silicone coating 

All set includes:

  • 3½” paring knife, 4½” serrated knife, 5″ santoku knife, and 6″ chef’s knife
  • Dimensions: H2 x W31 x D22cm (H¾ x W12¼ x D8¾ inches)

Nest ™ Look 5 piece Multi-sized Container Set  for food storage

Photo by JosephJoseph

We all have to save groceries for lunch or an evening meal. Try Swap’s best container chaos, which comes with a five-piece food storage kit. They’re all leak-proof and the lightweight lid will keep your liquids or drinks safe and sound from falling inside the fridge. and when carried anywhere, they lock inside one large box.

Details and specification

  • Leakage proof and lightweight, no let of air inside.
  • Can be used on the top rack of the freezer and microwave.
  • Space-saving and nesting design.
  • Include lid and containers.
  • Can be used in the microwave but only for reheating.

 Dimensions (5-piece): H24.5 x W16.3 x D20cm (H9¾ x W6½ x D8 inches)

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