Not only to the stadium: how to wear jersey?

Major football, basketball and hockey competitions always inspire not only fans of these sports, but also designers. Having once introduced jersey into fashion, they continue to come up with fresh designs and new collections. And this is because people are ready to wear the T-shirt of their favorite team both to the stadium and to work or a party, because sports brands have begun to create truly multifunctional and stylish products in which they are not ashamed to go out. We will tell you what you need to look for when choosing a jersey and what things to combine it with in order to look stylish outside the stadium, and find out with a stylist if this is a trend in 2021.


What is jersey and where did they come from?

A jersey is, first of all, a jersey made of a football player’s uniform, made of silk or synthetic fibers. The history of jersey began in Britain in the 1980s, when the working class made football the main game on the planet. Then the penetration of football aesthetics began into the everyday wardrobe, first of the fans, and then of all city dwellers. They were eager to buy Ralf Lauren and Burberry polos, Stone Island jackets and vintage adidas sneakers. Now this process is taking place with sports jersey, which will eventually become the main element of the wardrobe. Palace is one of the first skate brands to make jersey part of their everyday collection in 2012. Then this fashion was picked up by KITH, adidas and Gosha Rubchinsky.


Which brands have continued to bring jersey into fashion?

During the excitement of the World Cup, many designers released capsule collections dedicated to the event itself and in support of our team. But the most memorable was the joint collection of adidas and Gosha Rubchinsky, which also included jersey. The names of Russian cities and the name of the designer were written on them.



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Such models fell in love not only with Russian fashionistas, but also with foreign guests who bought jersey with the names of the cities they visited during the championship. In photos on social networks, they combine them with black straight and tapered trousers, depending on which they choose either classic shoes or sneakers. A chain and a bag are added to the look.


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Umbro is best known for designing England’s 2010 World Cup kits and for collaborating with Demna Gvasalia for the Vetements sports collection. From that moment on, jersey has been a feature of the brand, and no collection is complete without them. This season, the lookbook offered two options for looks. The first one – with jeans, the second – with shorts. Umbro recommends choosing wide-leg jeans with drawstrings and unprinted white sneakers. Also, the brand supports the wave of black and white looks and does not consider them boring. With black shorts and white jersey, you can wear the same sneakers by adding socks with a bright stripe and sunglasses.


Eco-friendly jersey fashion


Just imagine how many football players are in the world, and each of them has an individual uniform for every important competition. The creative association “Kruzhok” has come up with its own way of wisely using such a stock of things. They collected the jerseys of famous football players and re-sewed them.

This idea has grown into a separate creative project in which football kits are being reworked. Upcycle gives new life to things in order to extend their life in a new look. The guys from “Kruzhk” create shortened versions, sew two pieces from different jersey, and sometimes even come up with a model from rags and combine them using the patchwork technique. The result is an unusual and eye-catching jersey, with which you need to wear mom-fit jeans in black, beige or blue without prints and other details, so that the jersey remains the main part of the image.



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In the summer, you can tuck a soccer jersey into a black tennis skirt or shorts, and if your height allows, then use the jersey as a dress.

Basketball Jerseys



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Professional basketball players began to wear club uniforms only at the beginning of the 20th century. Back then, it consisted of soft knee-length trousers, golf and short shorts that have stayed with the league for a long time. And only Michael Jordan was able to change basketball fashion by popularizing long baggy shorts. This was also facilitated by the rap culture, which was closely associated with the basketball field. In 2013, adidas and the NBA tried to introduce sleeved jerseys that featured the NBA and team logos and the player’s name and number. But such a model was not suitable for sports where the hands are most involved, so modern basketball jersey is sewn exclusively without sleeves.


Hockey jersey


The first hockey jerseys were called sweaters because they were knitted and differed only in color. With the increase in the number of teams, jersey also changed: logos, game numbers and surnames were sewn on them, and they were also made not from natural material, but from polyester, which gives the shape lightness, good breathability, strength, brightness and color saturation. Every professional team or club has two and sometimes three types of uniforms. Usually the club has two kits – home and guest, sometimes an alternative or retro kit is added to them. In the KHL, the home jersey is the dark version of the sweaters, and the away jersey is, accordingly, light. This was done on purpose so that you could easily determine who was the “host” and who was the “guest” in the match.

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