Pop-it or simple-dimple? How anti-stress works

New toys flooded social networks and quickly gained popularity not only among children, but also among adults.

One of the trends this spring is new anti-stress toys: pop-it, simple-dimple and squish. They all went viral at about the same time. And in social networks, memes even appeared on how to distinguish between new items. While millennials were trying to figure out English names, buzzers were already filming viral videos for TikTok with might and main.

Despite the furor that several toys have made, the anti-stress themselves are not a new story. Remember the same spinners that were popular a few years ago. They work in a similar way – they help relieve stress, distract, and calm down. But why?

What is pop-it and simple-dimple?


The name of the toy from English translates as “pop it” – pop it. In fact, it works in the same way as pimpled paper, only you can “burst” pop-it as many times as you like. When pressed, the hemispheres on the toy bend in the other direction, making a characteristic sound, after which it can be turned over and continue the game. Pop-it can now be found in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes, from “classic” rainbow squares and circles to colorful flowers, hearts and even animals.

Simple dimple works on the same principle as pop-it. But it differs, as a rule, in the smaller size and the number of pimples.

Why do anti-stress drugs help you calm down?

If we talk about anti-stress in general, then, as a rule, they work on the principle of turning on fine motor skills. That is, due to the fact that a person is sorting through some objects in his hands, he shifts the focus of attention to them and conditionally returns to the moment. Also worth mentioning is the sense of touch. By connecting the senses, a person stabilizes his emotional background. For example, you are anxious and you cannot get rid of this feeling, you are locked in your emotions and thoughts. And thanks to the senses and the work of fine motor skills, you can return “to the body”, to ground yourself – to feel that you are here and now.


In addition, consistent movements allow you to feel a certain stability, stability. A person realizes that he can control something. And pop-ity in many ways help to calm down precisely due to this. Bursting all the bumps, and then returning them back, we understand that we have a mechanism in our hands that we can control. When a person has a feeling that he cannot influence his life in any way, and he cannot calm down when anxiety overcomes – such anti-stress as pop-it helps.

In general, anti-stress medications can help with anxiety, so it’s important to keep them handy. For example, take with you a rosary, pebbles or something similar. If there is a high level of fear or anxiety, the psychologist recommends chewing something or fiddling with your hands. So you will feel that you can control at least your own body.


What is the effect of different types of anti-stress?

There are many types of anti-stress toys, pop-it is just one of the last. Some of them are even used in special types of psychotherapy. For example, kinesthetic sand helps to level out the psycho-emotional background, reduces the general level of anxiety, develops fine motor skills, concentration of attention, and helps to unload unconscious material.

In the case of pop-itts, color therapy is also connected. Bright colors also affect the psycho-emotional state of a person. Depending on the shades that a child or an adult chooses, one can talk about their feelings: what is associated with this or that color, how comfortable it is with it.

In addition, dealing with such anti-stress is body therapy. We connect the body, and this helps to feel it better.

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