Teeth Whitening Pen: does it work?

Home tooth whitening is gaining popularity. Various kinds of whitening systems, special kinds of toothpaste and even tooth whitening pens are available to buy at pharmacies or dental clinics.

By the way, the teeth whitening pen has managed to get positive reviews. It is said to be an effective product with long-lasting results.

How do I use a teeth whitening pen?

The teeth whitening pen is compact and easy to use. It is similar in appearance to a standard pencil, and there are also cylinder-shaped containers with an applicator (brush). The gel consistency of the pencil is thick, which prevents it from dripping and damaging the mucosa. The gel contains non-aggressive carbamide peroxide. And the frequency of application of the gel is unlimited (as a rule? 2 times a day for up to 2 weeks). Your teeth must be dry before use. It is not necessary to use toothbrush and toothpaste before the treatment. The gel dries in 1 minute. In addition, it does not have to be rinsed off.

The whitening pen refreshes your mouth, oxygenates your tooth enamel and makes your teeth a few shades lighter.

Specialists recommend having your teeth professionally whitened by a dentist beforehand to achieve the effect.

A word of caution! Careful and regular oral hygiene will prolong the effect achieved with the whitening pen.

Always check with your dentist if there is a particular home tooth whitening method you can use in your individual case.

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