The Dos and Don’ts of Writing in a birthday card

Celebrate the life you have! Birthdays are the one time of year we celebrate those closest to us, and we should take the opportunity to let them know how much they are appreciated.

Unique birthday greetings are great ways to make someone’s day memorable on their birthday. I’m not going to lie, but let’s be honest. A perfect birthday card can be challenging to write, regardless of how simple it may seem. The ability to turn appreciation into written words is a natural talent for some people but not others. You don’t have to worry if you fall into this category! Here are some tips on what to do and what not to do when writing the perfect birthday card.

Write To Express

It may not be as easy for others to pick up a pen and write a personal message.

‍Sending a less generic message makes any card much more thoughtful, even when it’s hard to think of anything other than “Happy Birthday.”

 It will help if you put your spin on things when making warm wishes. If you are still close, you can bring up an inside joke or a fond memory. It’s a perfect opportunity to demonstrate how much you appreciate your relationship with someone special!

Do’s Of Writing a Birthday Card

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Specify the Details

Especially when it’s a card for someone you care about, you should write something thoughtful on it to make them feel special as well as yourself. Remember specific moments from your past. Explain to them what they did for you recently that you appreciate. Your message will stand out if you describe a particular memory or experience. The writer’s thoughtfulness in including details and observations often determines whether an okay card is excellent.

As well as highlighting the recipient’s qualities, let them know what you appreciate about them! The first time they notice this detail about themselves, you will always be remembered as the person who brought it to their attention for the first time.

What do you think this person doesn’t receive enough information about, in your opinion? Did they teach you how to fillet a freshly caught fish, or did they listen to you patiently when you told them about a difficult conversation you had with a colleague? It might be the ease with which they can start a friendly chat with anyone, even that intimidating guy at the hardware store. It is often the most apparent virtues taken for granted since they are most evident to all. You can use this exercise to expand your awareness of other qualities you admire about your friend if you tend to compliment them mostly on one aspect. Remembering something they’d wholly forgotten will earn you bonus points!

Tell Them How They Have Made a Difference 

By mentioning how they have positively impacted your life, your friend will appreciate that you acknowledge and value their presence.

Make it Unique

Make sure you make the card look nice once you have finished writing the card. You can make your card stand out from the rest by decorating it in a way that makes it evident that you have put in your time and effort to make it so. Colour may be added too, as well as glitter, pictures, or other craft supplies, and you can decorate your card however you like.

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Keep a note of everything

Please write down your ideas in point form before you put pen to paper and add to them whenever you have a moment. Notes are always handy on my phone because I use them all the time. It only takes a few minutes to establish intent and habit for a few days to start generating ideas.

Don’ts Of Writing a Birthday Card

Keep your sharing to a minimum

To be read by your friend, your message may also be passed around to other people you do not know to read it. Please do not disclose sensitive information or personal details here that may be considered offensive, embarrassing, or incriminating to someone. Do not tease unless you are treating the person with love when you do so.

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Stay away from self-promotion

What do you think about receiving a birthday card from a friend that only mentions you once on the side, just a note of interest? There is a good chance that this is not the case. It is essential to keep in mind that this is a card for someone that you care about. You appreciate certain things about them, so focus on what you enjoy instead of talking too much about yourself since you are celebrating them and only them. It is essen

tial to talk about their positive impact on your life; however, you should not focus on these aspects of their personality; instead, focus on the great things about them.

Do not copy others

To craft a meaningful message, you do not have to be a good writer; you must be the person you are. The best way to make your message more engaging and less mechanical is to use a natural tone, as though you were speaking to someone in a conversation, rather than as if you are talking to someone. Try not to use words that you wouldn’t use in person, like “stroll.”. A more natural comment would be “walk.”. Remember that thesaurus is likely not your friend in creative writing.

Bottom Line

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Birthdays only occur once a year. A person will always want it to make beautiful. Therefore, if you are invited to someone’s birthday, do your part and wish them the best possible way. If you are making the card, follow the tips mentioned above. For personalized gifts and cards, consider

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