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The importance of good nutrition

What does a person need to be happy, carefree, vibrant, and long-living?

Of course, health. In Europe, retired people are only getting more active, now they have free time to travel, and they enjoy life in peace. And how can you enjoy it if your health is not the same at all? If the general condition is already so bad that you don’t want anything in life.

And in order for a person to stay healthy, he must fulfill the requirements of a correct lifestyle: there must be healthy food in the diet and physical activity every day.

In the world of constant stress, a person finds comfort and pleasure in delicious food, but it is not always truly tasty. Because of the numerous sweeteners and flavor enhancers added to all products, people have already forgotten what a simple but tasty food is.

All food that is created with the help of man, and not nature, can’t be useful. All kinds of chips, soda, crackers, instant noodles are generally difficult to call food.

During a bad mood, you always want to treat yourself with a sweet one. This is a natural desire, it has been with us since childhood because mother’s milk tastes sweet. But all those sweets that a person uses in adulthood cannot be compared with mother’s milk.

They contain such an amount of sugar that with a lack of physical activity, it will easily be deposited in fatty tissues. And obesity is a sure way to diabetes. It is astonishing that this disease is already common among children.

For an adequate healthy diet, a person needs to eat fruits, something dairy or meat, vegetables, and grain products.

Fruits and vegetables are sources of vitamins, and they are able to provide the intestines with normal peristalsis. Meat and dairy products are filling the body with proteins. And grain products are a good source of carbohydrates that will saturate you with energy.

It is important not to forget to drink water. Usually, a human being drinks two liters a day. It is preferable that the water is plain or bottled and unboiled. Drinking tea or soda will only add work to your body. After all, these drinks will still have to be turned into water by the digestive organs.

Sample menu (healthy food)

Before breakfast, you should drink a glass of water in order to make your digestive organs work.

The best breakfast is with cereals, you can cook them in water or milk, then add dried fruits and butter. Or you can make an omelet with vegetables.

For a snack, it is always a good idea to eat some fruits – bananas, oranges, apples, nectarines.

Garnish with meat or soup is ideal for lunch. You can bake vegetables in the oven, make steamed cutlets. You have to choose either the first course or the second.

An afternoon snack can consist of cottage cheese or yogurt with fruits.

Dinner should be light, and most importantly, not late. If you didn’t like dairy products for an afternoon snack, then a yogurt before bedtime is a great option. You can also have porridge for dinner or just tea with a bit of honey if it is too late…

If you want to feel healthy, be healthy and active for many, many years to come, do not neglect these tips on how to eat healthy food and exercise every day.

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