The perfect fireplace for your home

Which fireplace will fit perfectly into the interior of your home and how not be confused in the abundance of choices?

We’re sure you’ll stop feeling like a fireplace newbie after reading this.

Rustic Aesthetics

The rustic style is in demand because it gives eco-friendliness combined with an old-world rustic aesthetic that is perceived more positively than the modern clean lines of minimalism. Such fireplaces fit particularly well in the interiors of wooden homes or in halls where chipped stone elements are used.

Decorative fireplace

A bio-ethanol fireplace is a decor that mimics a fireplace portal. Inside is a spirit or wick with a regulator dipped in a container of alcohol. Its installation is very simple, and no chimney is required for operation. It ignites quickly, its maximum flame increase is reached in 10 minutes after burning. This option is ideal for spacious apartments, decorated in modern, minimalist, or high-tech styles.

Glass hood

This project looks simply stunning! The fire is housed in a glass hood that draws the eye, making it impossible to walk past it without lingering. The fireplace flame is framed by a pyramid, although it may have a different shape, depending on the model chosen. The glass itself is also chosen according to taste: from transparent to tinted in a variety of shades.

Conservative stove

If your taste is synonymous with conservatism, then this variant of the stove will fit perfectly into the interior of your country house. This design takes us back to the middle of the last century, but as we can see, it’s still charming today. More modern and improved versions of metal stoves are used for heating the house or firing pottery in the workshops. While previously they were often found in summer garden cottages, nowadays, interior designers have breathed new life into them.

Suspended fireplace

Before us is one of the most incredible models of the fireplace for true fans of modern design. It can use classic logs or ethyl alcohol, which is known to be a biofuel derived from plants. Thus, we can say that by maintaining a modern design, the owner of the interior also takes care of the environment. Some models rotate 360 degrees.


Oven This type of fireplace can be a great helper during the preparation of the family dinner. Beautiful and functional, it will be useful while cooking over an open fire. Its avant-garde design is not afraid of eclectic or classic decor.



Brick is the oldest material for masonry stoves and fireplaces. It holds heat perfectly and is a little susceptible to fire. Redbrick, which many homeowners find most attractive, is a product of pottery made from fusible clay of medium plasticity. The beautiful red color after firing is due to the fact that clays contain a high percentage of iron oxides. It is also used to make ceramic pipes for stoves. This variant of the fireplace is able to warm even on the coldest nights, as well as give aesthetic pleasure.

Remeber: Feed you fire with the right fuel! Always use proper quality fuel for your homefire or wood burning stove.

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