Trends that remain relevant this year

Fashion is cyclical, so the most trendy things come back to it every decade. If you can’t come up with a new one, improve the old one. And, I must say, the designers did it very well. Wide jeans, voluminous sleeves, jackets, artificial leather and much more help us create looks for any occasion. These things are comfortable and practical, so it’s no surprise that they are still at their peak. We want to highlight a few trends that have remained with us since the summer 2020 season, so do not rush to the store, it may be enough just to sort out your wardrobe.

Eco-leather clothing



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The fashion for protecting animals from extermination for the sake of clothing has been going on for a long time. At first, eco-fur coats entered the trend, and now artificial leather. And it is worth noting that such things look very worthy. With them, you can create both an elegant and a rocker look.



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This trend manifests itself not only in outerwear, but also in everyday summer wardrobe – shorts and trousers made of eco-leather are firmly fixed in the trends of this season.

Bulky sleeve



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The voluminous sleeve remained in the trend for the second year. Clothes with them make any image unusual and attract attention. Dresses with voluminous sleeves look airy and give you a feeling of lightness, which is a must in summer!



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Both luxury brands and the mass market offer us casual clothes with voluminous sleeves. Moreover, this trend appears in the new collections of the fall-winter season – 2021, not only on dresses, but also on denim jackets, trench coats and coats.

Wide leg jeans



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Long and wide jeans have won the catwalks and hearts of fashion bloggers around the world. The trend, which emerged during the pandemic, helps to create a comfortable and relevant image and sometimes adjust the figure by lengthening the legs and emphasizing the line of the hips.


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So if you didn’t buy this stylish items from the 2000s, then this season is the right time.

Baseball caps



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A baseball cap should be added to elegant looks with jackets, coats and wide jeans, but without heels. This season, sports elements should not be combined with shoes and sandals. The most popular baseball cap brand is the New York Yankees.



This summer, a headscarf tied like a bandana will become one of the most popular headwear. Bandanas with abstract prints and solid colors will become familiar elements of your summer wardrobe.

A very large assortment can be found in mass markets and there you can choose the most suitable bandana.

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