Vacation in Mexico

Mexico is a land of endless possibilities for travelers. Do you want to drink tequila and dance till morning? Go to Acapulco! Do you want to touch the mysteries of ancient cities and unravel the mystery of a vanished civilization? The Yucatan Peninsula awaits you. Do you want to bask on luxurious beaches and enjoy all the amenities of five-star hotels? Cancun and Los Cabos are at your service. Mexico doesn’t disappoint!

Its nature is fantastically beautiful, it has everything from mountains, jungles, and waterfalls, to the ocean and beautiful beaches. And history has preserved evidence of the existence of ancient civilizations here. Traveling to Mexico for a European is like traveling to another planet. This exciting adventure wants to repeat over and over again.

The main question of every tourist is “what region and hotel to choose for a trip?We sincerely recommend you take a closer look at the Xcaret hotels.In this article, we have highlighted 5 advantages of choosing a holiday in Xcaret Hotels.

1. Location and infrastructure

The hotel is located right on the south coast of Playa del Carmen.

– An excellent large territory, carefully designed, equipped with different locations.
– Own a “river” of seawater and sandy beach. Ideal for children.
– Many restaurants with different cuisines and each with their unique design
– quite a handy bus to get to the amusement parks
-Walks in different areas including wooded areas, 3 different water slides to go down, kayaking, rooftop pools, and a few more activations.
– Last but not least, pets are allowed in the hotel, which means that you can bring your pets with you.

Watch a small video review here.

2. Food and Drink

Noble, lively, and nutritious; that’s how to describe Bio cuisine. Renowned chef Miguel Bautista designed this 100% vegan menu.
When our caves are lit up at night, they become a romantic location, ideal for enjoying a spectacular parade of juicy meat cuts that arrive at your table as you request them.
Exciting cuisine by chef Franco Maddalozzo, who brings to the table all the traditions of his native Italy, spiced with a touch of Mexico.
Chef Arzapalo brings all the wealth of Asian cuisine to the Caribbean through four experiences that combine the best of Japanese flavors and techniques.

Trajinera Swim-Up Bar, Hotel Xcaret Mexico
Enjoy this bar while sitting in the pool; it is ideal for cooling off while enjoying the infinity view of the Caribbean Sea.
A bar with healthy snacks and relaxing drinks such as teas, herbal teas, and seasonal fruit infusions
And this is not even half of what the company offers

3. Beauty and care

The hotel offers a variety of services to make you feel comfortable, even for longer stays.
-Cosmetic facial treatments
-Any kind of massage
-Makeup services
-beauty salon
-Spa complex

4. Facilities for families with children of all ages

As it turns out, the hotel provides areas for safe recreation with the family.
On the hotel property, you will find play areas for young children, activities for children, natural areas for exploration, and shallow pools.
The secondary beach with no waves and soft sand is great because it means you can relax without the fear of the little ones being swept away by a big wave.

5. Rooms and amenities

The hotel offers four room categories:
Junior Suite
Swim Up
Master Suite
The list of amenities provided in each room:
-Soundproofed rooms
-Air conditioning
-Cable or satellite TV
-Long beds
-Writing table
-room cleaning
-There are rooms with interconnecting rooms
-Detached balcony
-Room Service

We wish you a pleasant journey!

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